Mooloolaba Transport Corridor Upgrade (widening of Brisbane Road and Walan Street)
  • Last updated:
  • 09 Jun 2021

As part of a major transport infrastructure investment, council is upgrading Brisbane Road (south of Hancock Street and Walan Street) and Walan Street to four traffic lanes. The Mooloolaba Transport Corridor Upgrade (MTCU) project is being constructed in four stages over a period of four years (2019 – 2023). In addition to improving traffic flow, this important project will enhance the southern entrance into Mooloolaba and create a corridor that is integrated and inviting for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and public transport users. This is one of many Mooloolaba infrastructure projects council is investing in to create a world-class destination for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Project scope

The Mooloolaba Transport Corridor Upgrade (MTCU) of Brisbane Road and Walan Street, is a multi-stage upgrade project. The MTCU Project and associated staging was endorsed by council at the July 2018 Ordinary Meeting.

The project includes the following stages and scheduled timeframes (which are subject to weather, site conditions, council’s budget process and other funding that may change).

Construction stages

To minimise inconvenience to the community the project has been broken into stages. To view the staging plan, please refer to the map.[7077KB] 

Stage 1a: Naroo Court Upgrade (completed in October 2019)

  • Extension of Naroo Court through to Muraban Street including a new roundabout at Muraban Street.

Stage 1b (in progress, February 2020 – early 2021): Walan Street upgrade between Venning Street and Smith Street

  • widening of the road to four traffic lanes
  • a new signalised intersection at Walan Street and Naroo Court
  • formalised pedestrian crossings across Walan Street and Naroo Court with pram and disability compliant access ramps and treatments
  • new median strips for safety landscaping, including green space between Naroo Court and Muraban Street
  • retaining the existing bus stops and bus services in conjunction with TransLink
  • provision for future underground power.

View a plan of the Stage 1b design.[1343KB]

Stage 2 (early 2021 – late 2022): Brisbane Road from 42 Brisbane Road through to Kyamba Court including the new Mayes Canal Bridge

  • upgrading the intersection of Brisbane Road/ Foote Street/ Tarcoola Avenue to a new, signalised intersection.
  • heart of Mooloolaba. It will feature shared pedestrian and cycle paths on both sides and have the same clearance as the current bridge
  • retaining the existing bus stops on Brisbane Road
  • undergrounding power from Walan Street to Kapala Street and provision for future underground power to Kyamba Court.

These works are benefitting from a $12 million investment from the Australian Government through the $4 billion Urban Congestion Fund.


new Mayes Canal Bridge, Mooloolaba

Stage 3 (early 2021 - late 2022) Intersection of Brisbane Road/Walan Street/Hancock Street

  • upgrading the intersection of Brisbane Road/ Walan Street/ Hancock Street to four lanes and provision for cyclists
  • provision for future underground power.

Stage 4 (2023 calendar year) Brisbane Road from near Bindaree Crescent to Culbara Street and connecting to Tuckers Creek Bridge

  • upgrading the road to four traffic lanes
  • upgrading the intersection of Brisbane Road/Woomba Place/Bindaree Crescent to a signalised intersection
  • provision for future underground power.

What to expect during construction

Construction hours for Stage 1b works will primarily be 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

A construction contractor is yet to be appointed for Stages 2, 3 and 4. The construction contract for each stage is subject to a public tender process. 

Council will make every effort to minimise impacts to the local community during construction however, throughout the construction period there will be:

  • changed traffic conditions–reduced speed limits, temporary lane closures, traffic and pedestrian realignments, traffic control
  • permanent changes to on-street parking
  • temporary and permanents changes to some driveways
  • the use of machinery and increased heavy vehicle movements
  • construction noise (mitigation measures will be used).
  • night works (the community will be advised in advance).
  • some vegetation removal with offset planting. The completed project will include 232 new trees and 8850 plants to be planted as part of landscaping in the project area. Some existing trees and plants must be removed to make room for the project. Trees will be planted along Brisbane Road between Walan Street and Kyamba Court to offset any removed vegetation.

Register for project updates

Register to receive regular construction updates via email. Send your details (name, address and email address) to

Contact the project team

If you have any questions on the Mooloolaba Transport Corridor Upgrade project, please contact the project team on 1800 531 597 (Monday to Friday 8.15am-5pm) or email

Where to from here

Council is committed to keeping residents and businesses in the affected areas informed about ongoing works.

The project team will continue to liaise with directly affected businesses and residents to inform them of specific construction activities, timeframes and impacts.

Construction Notifications

Community Updates:


Mooloolaba is one of the major coastal tourism destinations on the Sunshine Coast. An increase of through traffic and congestion on the roads has made accessing the Mooloolaba Centre and its local attractions increasingly difficult.

The MTCU Project will deliver an outcome that:

  • supports the local economy
  • provides accessible public and active transport options
  • protects our lifestyle.

In 2003, the former Maroochy Shire Council conducted the Mooloolaba Integrated Land Use and Transport Assessment Study to determine the transport system that would best serve the future needs of Mooloolaba. 

In 2010, council re-examined the proposed transport corridor upgrade for Mooloolaba. This was to ensure that any work would be consistent with council’s vision for Australia’s most sustainable region. 

In 2011 the preferred layout was adopted at the Ordinary Meeting on 2 February.

In 2014 the layout was incorporated in the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme commencing 21 May 2014. Council has continued to revise and improve the preferred layout with the assistance of the Strategic Traffic Model, and the Mooloolaba Local Area Traffic Model.

In 2015 public consultation for the Mooloolaba Master Plan process began. Over 3000 participants were involved. The Placemaking Mooloolaba Master Plan was endorsed by council at its December Ordinary Meeting.

In 2018 the refinement of the Mooloolaba Local Area Traffic Model and the preferred layout and construction staging were adopted at the Ordinary Meeting on 19 July. Further public consultation on trunk transport corridors was undertaken as part of the Local Government Infrastructure Plan public consultation across the Sunshine Coast region.

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