South Coolum Road Link
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Dec 2022

Council has completed the design for the proposed South Coolum Road Link between South Coolum Road and Suncoast Beach Drive.

Project scope

The design for the extension of Suncoast Beach Drive includes:

  • a new two-lane extension between South Coolum Road and Suncoast Beach Drive
  • a roundabout where South Coolum Road and Suncoast Beach Drive would intersect
  • connection to the proposed Sunshine Motorway interchange at West Coolum Road (state government project).

Project update

The corridor land purchases are currently being finalised. Construction will depend on future funding and is tentatively programmed for the 2031-36 period.

Where to from here

Council resolved to purchase land for the road corridor at the Ordinary Meeting held on 26 July 2012. Council will continue to talk to affected property owners.

Ordinary Meeting Minutes held 26 July 2012


In May 2009, council carried out the South Coolum Road Link Options Study. This study investigated options for a future road link between South Coolum Road and Suncoast Beach Drive, in the Mount Coolum area.

Council selected Option 2 for South Coolum Road and Option 2 for Suncoast Beach Drive because they will have minimal impact on the surrounding environment both during and after construction, and they had overwhelming support from the community. The following map shows this option:


For more information, please contact council.