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Popular forms

  1. Bin service online form (request new bins/change to or cancel bin services/stolen/damaged/found)
  2. Dog registration form (DOCX, 180KB)
  3. Update animal details online form
  4. Rates direct debit form (DOCX, 291KB)
  5. Request for withdrawal form (DOC, 231KB) or apply online
  6. Change of address form (DOCX, 290KB) or apply online

Forms by topic


Forms and fact sheets relating to animal enquiries including registration, updating animal registration and address details.

Beaches, canals and waterways

Forms and fact sheets relating to beaches, canals and waterways, including applications for lock cards and beach access.


Forms and fact sheets relating to council cemeteries including ashes reservations, burials and installation of memorials and plaques.

Community facilities

Forms and fact sheets relating to community facilities including venue hire forms for community spaces and Venue 114.


Forms, fact sheets and checklists to help you prepare your development application (DA).


Forms and fact sheets relating to environment issues including weed control equipment hire and nuisances and pollution.


Forms and fact sheets relating to events including events on private and public land and weddings and formal ceremonies.

Fees and payments

Forms relating to fees and payments including commercial credit accounts and refund requests.


Forms and fact sheets including request a service, service and administrative action complaint and claim forms.


Forms and fact sheets relating to parking on the Sunshine Coast including parking permits, withdrawal of an infringement and parking meter refund or receipt requests.

Parks, trees and vegetation

Forms and fact sheets relating to parks, trees and vegetation including tree planting, parks volunteers and vehicle access to open space.

Permits and licences

Forms and fact sheets relating to permits and licences including food premises, commercial use of community land, street performance and temporary accommodation.


Forms relating to rates including pension rebates, arrangements to pay and direct debits.

Request a service online

Request a service online

Use our online forms to manage your services 24/7.

Roads and drainage

Forms and fact sheets relating to roads and drainage including road naming, energising traffic signals and streetlights and glare shields.


Forms relating to council searches including as constructed stormwater, flooding and rates and valuation searches.


Forms and fact sheets relating to signage on the Sunshine Coast including election signage, movable advertising devices and advertising on council and state controlled roads.

Traffic and transport

Forms and fact sheets relating to traffic and transport issues including Council Link, speed limits and transport for older people.

Update your details

Forms relating to updating your name and address details with council.

Waste and recycling

Forms and fact sheets relating to waste and recycling including ordering new bin services, reporting a missed bin or requesting an extra service and disposal of special waste.