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Permits and licences

Forms and fact sheets relating to permits and licences including food premises, commercial use of community land, street performance and temporary accommodation.

FormOther formats
Building site noise form (DOCX, 244KB)PDF (226KB)
Clearing, damaging vegetation form (DOCX, 212KB)PDF (282KB)
Commercial filming form (DOCX, 256KB)PDF (328KB)
Community market (temporary entertainment) form (DOCX, 650KB)PDF (374KB)
Consent for projects, building or construction works on council land form (DOCX, 208KB)PDF (419KB)
Environmentally relevant activity form (DOCX, 249KB)PDF (618KB)
Fixed food premises new licensee form (DOC, 346KB)PDF (481KB)
Food safety program accreditation form (DOCX, 244KB)PDF (644KB)
Food safety supervisor notification form (DOCX, 240KB)PDF (182KB)
Footpath trading form (DOCX, 405KB)PDF (411KB)
Low use/low impact commercial use of community land form (DOCX, 308KB)PDF (508KB)
Mobile food premises new licensee form (DOCX, 248KB)PDF (670KB)
Operation of accommodation park form (DOCX, 249KB)PDF (667KB)
Operation of an amplified music venue within special entertainment precinct form (DOCX, 247KB)PDF (635KB)
Personal appearance service form (DOCX, 256KB)PDF (768KB)
Plan assessment existing premises form (DOCX, 247KB)PDF (571KB)
Plan assessment new premises form (DOCX, 247KB)PDF (563KB)
Potable water carrier licence form (DOCX, 245KB)PDF (768KB)
Proprietors consent form (DOCX, 233KB)PDF (183KB)
Release of goods form (DOCX, 208KB)PDF (177KB)
Release of vehicle form (DOCX, 206KB)PDF (216KB)
Roadside stall form (DOCX, 354KB)PDF (366KB)
Street performance form (DOCX, 246KB)PDF (299KB)
Street stall form (DOCX, 255KB)PDF (285KB)
Temporary food premises form (DOCX, 250KB)PDF (740KB)
Temporary home form (DOCX, 228KB)PDF (201KB)
Temporary shipping container on private land form (DOCX, 213KB)PDF (270KB)
Verge permit planting/infrastructure form (DOCX, 216KB)PDF (289KB)

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