Forms and fact sheets relating to animal enquiries including registration, updating animal registration and address details.

FormOther formats
Additional animal permit form (DOCX, 252KB)PDF (221KB)
Online Animal authorised person formDOCX (165KB) or PDF (175KB)
Animal cage loan form (DOCX, 238KB)PDF (210KB)
Animal change of address form (DOCX, 204KB) PDF (171KB)
Online Animal change of details form
Cat registration form (DOCX, 188KB)PDF (202KB)
Dog registration form (DOCX, 188KB)PDF (200KB)
Domestic barking dog complaint log form (DOCX, 208KB)PDF (283KB)
Domestic bird noise complaint form (DOCX, 212KB)PDF (278KB)
Feral animals incident sightings report form (DOCX, 241KB)PDF (181KB)
Keeping a restricted dog form (DOCX, 241KB)PDF (233KB)
Keeping roosters, guinea fowl and peacocks form (DOCX, 242KB)PDF (267KB)
Online Pet awareness program booking formDOCX (310KB) or PDF (185KB)
Regulated animal change of details form (DOCX, 244KB)PDF (205KB)
Online Request a copy of animal renewal notice form
Surrender animal form (DOCX, 367KB)PDF (199KB)
Online Update animal details form
Working dog self assessment form (DOCX, 171KB)PDF (232KB)

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