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Forms, fact sheets and checklists to help you prepare your development application (DA).

Development applications (DA) must be made using state government's development assessment forms.

FormWhen to use
eDevelopment application form (DOCX, 883KB)Electronic lodgement of development applications
Extension application (DOCX, 883KB)Request extension of the currency period of a development approval
Pre-request response form (DOCX, 284KB)Request council (as an affected entity) to consider a change
Concurrence agency response request
(building work) (DOCX, 883KB)
When a building application must be referred to council for assessment
Building near or over stormwater infrastructure  (DOCX, 883KB)Apply to build over or adjacent to stormwater infrastructure services.

Request approval of survey plans  (DOCX, 476KB)

Checklist for approval of survey plans 
(DOCX, 870KB)

Request approval of all standard format and building format plans for plan sealing. 

Before submitting your survey plan, complete and send the checklist.

Statutory declaration for dual occupancy (DOCX, 80KB)Required for dual occupancy (duplex) building format plans, in addition to the form and checklist above.
Request town planning appraisal  (DOCX, 282KB)To check if a proposed development complies with relevant Planning Scheme and approvals

FastTrack consultant report (DOCX, 890KB)

form C1 - RPEQ design certification - dual occupancy (DOCX, 922KB)

forms C4 and C5 - RPEQ design certification - industrial (DOCX, 941KB).

Use the FastTrack application kit for low risk development applications. 

Read more about low risk, faster applications.

Request for prestart meeting  (DOCX, 948KB)To book operational work prestart meetings.
Request assessment under superseded planning scheme (DOCX, 286KB)Request council to assess a development proposal under a superseded planning scheme in accordance with section 29 of the Planning Act 2016.
Matters of local environmental significance  
(DOCX, 871KB)
Payment of a financial contribution for matters of local environmental significance (MLES).

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