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  • 03 Nov 2022

Council endeavours to ensure that non-accessible PDF documents are also available in Word or HTML format. Some pages contain files that are in PDF format only. To view PDF documents you will need to download Adobe PDF Reader. If you would like to receive a copy of any of these documents in another format, please contact council.

Popular forms

  1. Bin service online form (request new bins/change to or cancel bin services/stolen/damaged/found)
  2. Dog registration form (DOCX, 180KB)
  3. Update animal details online form
  4. Rates direct debit form (DOCX, 291KB)
  5. Request for withdrawal form (DOC, 231KB) or apply online
  6. Change of address form (DOCX, 290KB) or apply online

Forms by topic

Form Other formats 
Additional animal permit form (DOCX, 260KB) PDF (401KB)
Animal authorised person online form DOCX (175KB)
PDF (350KB)
Animal cage loan form (DOCX, 247KB) PDF (349KB)
Animal change of address form (DOCX, 211KB) PDF (329KB)
Animal change of details online form 
Cat registration form (DOCX, 180KB) PDF (353KB)
Dog registration form (DOCX, 180KB) PDF (344KB)
Domestic barking dog complaint log form (DOCX, 220KB) PDF (431KB)
Domestic bird noise complaint form (DOCX, 302KB) PDF (515KB)
Feral animals incident sightings report form (DOCX, 250KB) PDF (341KB)
Keeping roosters, guinea fowl and peacocks form (DOCX, 251KB) PDF (417KB)
Pet awareness program booking online form DOCX (398KB)
PDF (340KB)
Regulated animal change of details form (DOCX, 273KB)
PDF (314KB)
Request a copy of animal renewal notice online form   
Restricted dog form (DOCX, 251KB) PDF (243KB)
Surrender animal form (DOCX, 286KB) PDF (356KB)
Update animal details online form  
Working dog self assessment form (DOCX, 182KB) PDF (365KB)

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Form Other formats 
Beach access permit form (DOCX, 318KB) PDF (534KB)
Lock register refund request form (DOCX, 270KB) PDF (438KB)
Parrearra Lock lock card form (DOCX, 889KB) PDF (778KB)
Pelican Waters lock card form (DOCX, 915KB) PDF (882KB)

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Form Other formats
Ashes reservation form (DOCX, 252KB) PDF (344KB)
Burial form (DOCX, 252KB) PDF (368KB)
Burial reservation form (DOCX, 252KB) PDF (397KB)
Burial rights holder approval form (DOCX, 245KB) PDF (359KB)
Burial rights holder confirmation form (DOCX, 219KB) PDF (227KB)
Cemetery chapel hire form (DOCX, 249KB) PDF (333KB)
Cemetery stock purchase form (DOCX, 239KB) PDF (318KB)
Commemorative memorial form (DOCX, 259KB) PDF (457KB)
Exhumation form (DOCX, 255KB) PDF (353KB)
Installation of memorial or plaque form (DOCX, 259KB) PDF (432KB)
Monumental works form (DOCX, 256KB) PDF (488KB)
Notice of intent to refurbish or maintain form (DOCX, 250KB) PDF (423KB)
Receipt of ashes acknowledgement form (DOCX, 211KB) PDF (626KB)
Receipt of concrete/granite product acknowledgement form (DOCX, 212KB) PDF (484KB)
Request a burial online form (Funeral Directors only)

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Form Other formats
Community space venue hire form (DOCX, 262KB) PDF (610KB)
Venue 114 venue hire form (DOCX, 4.3MB) PDF (3MB)

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Form Other formats
Weed control equipment hire form (DOCX, 221KB) PDF (342KB)

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Form Other formats
Artist hazard incident report form (DOCX, 303KB) PDF (451KB)
Food vendor list form (DOCX, 312KB) PDF (239KB)
Grants banner booking form (DOCX, 324KB) PDF (432KB)
Key registration form (DOCX, 285KB) PDF (353KB)
Key registration form (Eddie De Vere) (DOCX, 370KB) PDF (354KB)
Regulated activity form (DOCX, 665KB) PDF (554KB)
Temporary event private land form (DOCX, 418KB) PDF (563KB)
Temporary event public land form (DOCX, 562KB) PDF (548KB)
Wedding and formal ceremony form (DOCX, 244KB) PDF (405KB)

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Form Other formats
Commercial credit account form (DOCX, 357KB) PDF (438KB)
Creditor/supplier creation or maintenance form (DOCX, 291KB)  
Customer Response refund request form (DOCX, 177KB) PDF (380KB)
Debtor USI payment arrangement form (DOCX, 317KB) PDF (420KB)
Sundry debtor payment arrangement form (DOCX, 316KB) PDF (420KB)

Form Other formats
Claim form - notice of injury, loss or damage (DOCM, 151KB) PDF (953KB)
Request a service form (DOCX, 285KB) PDF (374KB)
Service and administrative actions complaint form (DOCX, 47KB) PDF (467KB)

View the general fact sheets.

Form  Other formats
Commercial vehicle identification label form (DOCX, 231KB) PDF (357KB)
Health and community services parking permit form (DOCX, 276KB) PDF (468KB)
Parking meter request for refund or receipt form (DOCX, 183KB) PDF (491KB)
Pre-paid parking permit form (DOCX, 275KB) PDF (467KB)
Request for withdrawal of an infringement online form DOCX (231KB)
PDF (138KB)
Residential parking permit form (DOCX, 255KB) PDF (441KB)
Works zone parking permit form (DOCX, 254KB) PDF (365KB)

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Form Other formats
Adopt a street tree planting form (DOCX, 158KB) PDF (394KB)
Parks volunteer registration form (DOCX, 248KB) PDF (390KB)
Vehicle access to council open space permit form (DOCX, 290KB) PDF (433KB)

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Form  Other formats
Building site noise form (DOCX, 254KB) PDF (398KB)
Clearing, damaging vegetation form (DOCX, 222KB) PDF (445KB)
Commercial filming form (DOCX, 263KB) PDF (370KB)
Community market (temporary entertainment) form (DOCX, 659KB) PDF (554KB)
Consent for projects, building or construction works on council land form (DOCX, 208KB) PDF (419KB)
Environmentally relevant activity form (DOCX, 277KB) PDF (510KB)
Fixed food premises new licensee form (DOC, 299KB) PDF (157KB)
Food safety program accreditation form (DOCX, 252KB) PDF (437KB)
Food safety supervisor notification form (DOCX, 249KB) PDF (356KB)
Footpath trading form (DOCX, 552KB) PDF (920KB)
Low use/low impact commercial use of community land form (DOCX, 323KB) PDF (546KB)
Mobile food premises new licensee form (DOCX, 276KB) PDF (250KB)
Operation of accommodation park form (DOCX, 257KB) PDF (469KB)
Operation of an amplified music venue within special entertainment precinct form (DOCX, 255KB) PDF (415KB)
Personal appearance service form (DOCX, 285KB) PDF (304KB)
Plan assessment existing premises form (DOCX, 257KB) PDF (359KB)
Plan assessment new premises form (DOCX, 256KB) PDF (355KB)
Potable water carrier licence form (DOCX, 251KB) PDF (175KB)
Proprietors consent form (DOCX, 245KB) PDF (315KB)
Release of goods form (DOCX, 213KB) PDF (347KB)
Release of vehicle form (DOCX, 215KB) PDF (399KB)
Roadside stall form (DOCX, 392KB) PDF (535KB)
Street performance form (DOCX, 253KB) PDF (395KB
Street stall form (DOCX, 300KB) PDF (501KB)
Temporary accommodation form (DOCX, 253KB) PDF (443KB)
Temporary food premises form (DOCX, 278KB) PDF (222KB)
Temporary shipping container on private land form (DOCX, 221KB) PDF (438KB)
Verge permit planting/infrastructure form (DOCX, 225KB) PDF (451KB)

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Form Other formats
Arrangement to pay (ATP) online form  
Deferment of general rates form (DOCX, 177KB) PDF (389KB)
Differential general rates objection form (DOCX, 175KB) PDF (378KB)
Direct debit form (DOCX, 291KB) PDF (443KB)
Full or part waiver of legal and professional costs form (DOCX, 295KB) PDF (486KB)
Pension rate rebate form (DOCX, 191KB) PDF (439KB)
Pension rebate statutory declaration (PDF, 9KB)  
Rate debt payment plan form (DOCX, 313KB) PDF (426KB)
Rates concession form (not-for-profit or arts/culture development organisation) form (DOCX, 300KB) PDF (481KB)
Refund request on rate account form (DOCX, 171KB) PDF (339KB)
Transitory accommodation statutory declaration (DOCX, 33KB) PDF (182KB)

Form  Other formats
Easement relaxation form (DOCX, 283KB) PDF (398KB)
Energise traffic signals form (DOCX, 290KB) PDF (413KB)
Road naming form (DOCX, 290KB) PDF (184KB)
Temporary works within a road or verge form (DOCX, 176KB) PDF (417KB)

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Form  Other formats
As constructed stormwater search form (DOCX, 295KB) PDF (165KB)
Building, plumbing and development file retrieval form (DOCX, 293KB) PDF (341KB)
Building, plumbing and development search form  (DOCX, 296KB) PDF (407KB)
Business licensing and health search form (DOCX, 293KB) PDF (407KB)
Flooding search form (DOCX, 293KB) PDF (341KB)
Rates and valuation search form (DOCX, 293KB) PDF (355KB)

Form Other formats
Electronic variable message sign form (DOCX, 368KB) PDF (456KB)
Movable advertising device form (DOCX, 465KB) PDF (504KB)

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Form  Other formats
Infrastructure charge rebate form (DOCX, 275KB) PDF (500KB)

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Form  Other formats 
Change of address online form  DOCX (290KB)
PDF (325KB)
Change of name form (DOCX, 287KB) PDF (311KB)
Name suppression form (DOCX, 287KB) PDF (311KB)
Notification of deceased person form (DOCX, 289KB) PDF (374KB)

Form  Other formats
Asbestos disposal form (DOCX, 334KB) PDF (429KB)
Bin services online form - stolen, damaged, new, found, change, cancel 
Charity exemption waste fees form (DOCX, 294KB) PDF (422KB)
Empty my bin online form  
Infirm household domestic waste collection form (DOCX, 324KB) PDF (382KB)
Permanent modified waste service form (DOCX, 333KB) PDF (563KB)
Special waste disposal form (DOCX, 329KB) PDF (503KB)
Waste service exemption form (DOCX, 323KB) PDF (332KB)

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