Plumbing and drainage work

A licensed plumbing or drainer must complete all regulated plumbing and drainage work. There are several ways to lodge plumbing applications.

All building and plumbing work is assessed and regulated under state legislation. You can view the legislation on the Queensland government website.

A licensed plumbing or drainer must complete all regulated plumbing and drainage work. This includes permit, notifiable or minor works. Check your plumber or drainer's license at Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) website.

When do I need approval?

Plumbing and drainage work consists of permit work, notifiable work and minor work. 

Refer to the QBCC webpage:

Notifiable work is plumbing and drainage work which a plumber or drainer can perform without a council permit or mandatory inspections. Use QBCC's interactive tool to establish if your work is notifiable work.

Permit work is more complex in nature than other types of plumbing and drainage work. This work must always be checked. You must have council approval for permit work.

Minor work must be performed by a QBCC licensee but doesn’t need to be approved by council or reported to QBCC.

Lodging a plumbing application

Plumbing permit applications are divided into two streams, FastTrack and standard. If you are using a private building certifier, you should check if they are lodging an application on your behalf.

Council offers several ways to lodge plumbing applications or documents:

  • online through MyCouncil (you will need to register to use this service)
  • by email (see details below)
  • in person or by post.

Applicants must follow council's requirements. This will ensure the most efficient processing of their application.

Drainage and hydraulic plans

Before your application can be considered for approval, you need to submit plans to council for plumbing approval. Your as-constructed plans must meet minimum requirements, as per Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019 - schedule 6.

Get a copy of Council’s sample plumbing plans and as-constructed templates


During construction, your plumbing contractor will arrange for inspection of the work by council. In most situations, your plumber will need to complete a Form 7 for the inspection to take place. They might also need a plan of the installed plumbing and drainage.

Find out what you need to prepare before booking a plumbing inspection.

Booking an inspection 

Registered users can lodge documents and book inspections online.

Alternatively contact council's development services to make or change a booking by phone between 8.30am and 3.30pm.

List of fixtures, fittings, appliances and apparatus

Guide for calculating fees for a plumbing application.