Drainage and hydraulic plans

All plumbing drainage plans submitted to council for approval must meet minimum requirements.

Before your application can be considered for approval, you need to submit plans to council for plumbing approval. Your as constructed plans must meet minimum requirements, as per Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019 - schedule 6.

You must provide the as constructed plan to the plumbing inspector at the sanitary drainage inspection.

When submitting plans to council, you should ensure they resemble the following samples:

SAMPLE Sewered plumbing as constructed plan (PDF, 3.5MB)Word (DOCX, 750KB)
SAMPLE Non-sewered plumbing as constructed plan (PDF, 3.5MB)Word (DOCX, 642KB)

Please note: PDF version may differ slightly from original. Plans will be accepted with hand written information.

Plumbers may download and use the following:

Plumbing as constructed template (PDF, 300KB)Word (DOCX, 110KB)

Refer to our fact sheets for more information: