Land for wildlife members plant 28,000th tree!

Ian Webster and Dianne Lanskey have transformed 32 acres of mostly weeds into a native rainforest.

Land for wildlife members plant 28,000th tree!

Congratulations to Ian Webster and Dianne Lanskey on planting their 28,000th Tree!

Article by Danielle Outram, conservation partnerships officer, Sunshine Coast Council

Upon purchasing their property in 2002, Ian and Di set to work on taming the 32 acres consisting mostly of weeds including lantana, Japanese sunflower, privet, camphor laurel, cadaghi, blue morning glory and other monstrosities. Since then they have transformed their property into a native rainforest and uncovered hidden gems of remnant forest and rare species.

Ian and Di are Land for Wildlife members, recipients of council's landholder environment grants and have also committed to the voluntary conservation agreement program, protecting their hard work in perpetuity. They were recently delighted to plant their 28,000th tree in the ground!

The results speak for themselves; check out the huge difference in the aerial imagery from when they bought the property until now.

Congratulations Ian and Di, we are all so proud of what you have achieved – you are truly an inspiration!