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Part 8 - Overlays

Part 8 contains the overlay codes for 13 overlays mapped in schedule 2 (mapping).

Overlays identify areas that are subject to biophysical constraints, contain natural economic resources or have valuable features. The overlay codes provide assessment benchmarks for assessable development and requirements for accepted development for development to address acid sulfate soils, airport environs, bushfire hazard, coastal protection, heritage and character areas, regional infrastructure, scenic amenity, water resource catchments, extractive resources, flood hazard, landslide hazard and steep land, biodiversity, waterways and wetlands, height of buildings and structures.

View the complete Part 8 Overlays (PDF, 3255KB).

8.1Preliminary (PDF, 111KB)
8.2Overlay codes

8.2.1 Acid sulfate soils overlay code (PDF, 88KB)

8.2.2 Airport environs overlay code (PDF, 132KB)

8.2.3 Biodiversity, waterways and wetlands overlay code (PDF, 166KB)

8.2.4 Bushfire hazard overlay code (PDF, 130KB)

8.2.5 Coastal protection overlay code (PDF, 65KB)

8.2.6 Extractive resources overlay code (PDF, 96KB)

8.2.7 Flood hazard overlay code (PDF, 2826KB)

8.2.8 Height of buildings and structures overlay code (PDF, 87KB)

8.2.9 Heritage and character areas overlay code (PDF, 171KB)

8.2.10 Landslide hazard and steep land overlay code (PDF, 124KB)

8.2.11 Regional infrastructure overlay code (PDF, 150KB)

8.2.12 Scenic amenity overlay code (PDF, 105KB)

8.2.13 Water resource catchments overlay code (PDF, 80KB)