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Part 9 contains development codes, which provide provisions for assessing development that is accepted or assessable (code or impact assessment) and includes:

  • use codes (e.g. dwelling house code, home based business code and rural uses code)
  • other development codes (e.g. landscape code, transport and parking code).

View the complete Part 9 Development codes (PDF, 9363KB).

9.2Statewide codes
9.3Use codes

9.3.1 Business uses and centre design code (PDF, 75KB)

9.3.2 Caretaker's accommodation code (PDF, 200KB)

9.3.3 Child care centre code (PDF, 95KB)

9.3.4 Community activities code (PDF, 96KB)

9.3.5 Dual occupancy code (PDF, 65KB)

9.3.6 Dwelling house code (PDF, 82KB)

9.3.7 Extractive industry code (PDF, 1383KB)

9.3.8 Home based business code (PDF, 165KB)

9.3.9 Industry uses code (PDF, 185KB)

9.3.10 Market code (PDF, 89KB)

9.3.11 Multi-unit residential uses code (PDF, 71KB)

9.3.12 Nature and rural based tourism code (PDF, 107KB)

9.3.13 Relocatable home park and tourist park code (PDF, 173KB)

9.3.14 Residential care facility and retirement facility code (PDF, 131KB)

9.3.15 Rural industries code (PDF, 141KB)

9.3.16 Rural uses codes (PDF, 170KB)

9.3.17 Sales office code (PDF, 30KB)

9.3.18 Service station code (PDF, 94KB)

9.3.19 Sport and recreation uses code (PDF, 90KB)

9.3.20 Telecommunications facility code (PDF, 142KB)

9.3.21 Utility code (PDF, 95KB)
9.4Other development codes

9.4.1 Advertising devices code (PDF, 705KB)

9.4.2 Landscape code (PDF, 473KB)

9.4.3 Nuisance code (PDF, 101KB)

9.4.4 Reconfiguring a lot code (PDF, 156KB)

9.4.5 Safety and security code (PDF, 166KB)

9.4.6 Stormwater management code (PDF, 119KB)

9.4.7 Sustainable design code (PDF, 141KB)

9.4.8 Transport and parking code (PDF, 7143KB)

9.4.9 Vegetation management code (PDF, 129KB)

9.4.10 Waste management code (PDF, 100KB)

9.4.11 Works, services and infrastructure code (PDF, 78KB)