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Part 5 identifies the category of development and category of assessment (i.e. if, and what type of a development application is required) and the assessment benchmarks for assessable development and requirements for accepted development (e.g. applicable codes) for development (e.g. land uses, subdivision, operational work and building work) within the planning scheme. Part 5 also outlines when a local plan changes the category of development or category of assessment from that of a zone and where an overlay changes the category of development or category of assessment from that of a zone or local plan.

View the complete Part 5 Tables of Assessment (PDF, 1512KB).

5.2Reading the tables of assessment
5.3Categories of development and categories of assessment
5.4Regulated categories of development and categories of assessment prescribed by the Regulation
5.5Categories of development and categories of assessment – material change of use

Table 5.5.1 Low density residential zone (PDF, 36KB)

Table 5.5.2 Medium density residential zone (PDF, 37KB)

Table 5.5.3 High density residential zone (PDF, 47KB)

Table 5.5.4 Tourist accommodation zone (PDF, 180KB)

Table 5.5.5 Principal centre zone (PDF, 91KB)

Table 5.5.6 Major centre zone (PDF, 90KB)

Table 5.5.7 District centre zone (PDF, 90KB)

Table 5.5.8 Local centre zone (PDF, 86KB)

Table 5.5.9 Low impact industry zone (PDF, 54KB)

Table 5.5.10 Medium impact industry zone (PDF, 51KB)

Table 5.5.11 High impact industry zone (PDF, 36KB)

Table 5.5.12 Waterfront and marine industry zone (PDF, 37KB)

Table 5.5.13 Sport and recreation zone (PDF, 46KB)

Table 5.5.14 Open space zone (PDF, 33KB)

Table 5.5.15 Environmental management and conservation zone (PDF, 21KB)

Table 5.5.16 Community facilities zone (PDF, 67KB)

Table 5.5.17 Emerging community zone (PDF, 33KB)

Table 5.5.18 Limited development (landscape residential) zone (PDF, 24KB)

Table 5.5.19 Rural zone (PDF, 55KB)

Table 5.5.20 Rural residential zone (PDF, 32KB)

Table 5.5.21 Specialised centre zone (PDF, 64KB)

Table 5.5.22 Tourism zone (PDF, 35KB)
5.6Categories of development and categories of assessment – reconfiguring a lot

Table 5.6.1 Reconfiguring a lot (PDF, 29KB)
5.7Categories of development and categories of assessment – building work

Table 5.7.1 Building work (PDF, 20KB)
5.8Categories of development and categories of assessment – operational work

Table 5.8.1 Operational work (PDF, 46KB)
5.9Categories of development and categories of assessment – local plans

5.9.1 Blackall Range local plan (PDF, 151KB)

5.9.2 Buderim local plan (PDF, 93KB)

5.9.3 Caloundra local plan (PDF, 182KB)

5.9.4 Caloundra West local plan (PDF, 162KB)

5.9.5 Golden Beach/Pelican Waters local plan (PDF, 167KB)

5.9.6 Kawana Waters local plan (PDF, 156KB)

5.9.7 Landsborough local plan (PDF, 149KB)

5.9.8 Maroochy North Shore local plan (PDF, 162KB)

5.9.9 Maroochydore/Kuluin local plan (PDF, 162KB)

5.9.10 Mooloolaba/Alexandra Headland local plan (PDF, 156KB)

5.9.11 Nambour local plan (PDF, 167KB)

5.9.12 Sippy Downs local plan (PDF, 182KB)
5.10Categories of development and categories of assessment – overlays

Table 5.10.1 Overlays (PDF, 178KB)