Part 6 - Zones

Part 6 contains the zone codes for the 22 zones covering residential, centre, industry, open space and other zones.

The zones are mapped and included in schedule 2 (mapping).  Each zone code includes the purpose of the code, the intent and overall outcomes for the zone and may also include a table of consistent and potentially consistent uses.

View the complete Part 6 Zones (PDF, 854KB).

6.1Preliminary (PDF, 19KB)
6.2Zone codes

6.2.1 Low density residential zone code (PDF, 33KB)

6.2.2 Medium density residential zone code (PDF, 33KB)

6.2.3 High density residential zone code (PDF, 29KB)

6.2.4 Tourist accommodation zone code (PDF, 36KB)

6.2.5 Principal centre zone code (PDF, 38KB)

6.2.6 Major centre zone code (PDF, 39KB)

6.2.7 District centre zone code (PDF, 39KB)

6.2.8 Local centre zone code (PDF, 38KB)

6.2.9 Low impact industry zone code (PDF, 30KB)

6.2.10 Medium impact industry zone code (PDF, 29KB)

6.2.11 High impact industry zone code (PDF, 27KB)

6.2.12 Waterfront and marine industry zone code (PDF, 27KB)

6.2.13 Sport and recreation zone code (PDF, 32KB)

6.2.14 Open space zone code (PDF, 27KB)

6.2.15 Environmental management and conservation zone code (PDF, 25KB)

6.2.16 Community facilities zone code (PDF, 22KB)

6.2.17 Emerging community zone code (PDF, 22KB)

6.2.18 Limited development (landscape residential) zone code (PDF, 25KB)

6.2.19 Rural zone code (PDF, 41KB)

6.2.20 Rural residential zone code (PDF, 26KB)

6.2.21 Specialised centre zone code (PDF, 30KB)

6.2.22 Tourism zone code (PDF, 31KB)