Growing sustainably

Protecting what we love while our region grows.

A growing region

The Sunshine Coast is a popular place - it always has been. The historic growth of the Sunshine Coast is continuing, with more people coming here for work and business, as well as to enjoy the climate, beaches, waterways, hinterland and rainforests we love.

Council can’t stop people moving here, but we can balance the need for new housing and workplaces by protecting what we love about our region.

A clear vision, careful planning and good design can safeguard a place from changing in negative ways. If nothing is done, population growth can result in more traffic, higher housing prices and a loss of local identity.

A growing region

Growing sustainably takes a clear vision and careful planning

To prepare for a Sunshine Coast in 2046, we need to look to the future and start planning for the next phase of growth now. We need to plan for those who currently live here as well as for approximately 219,100 additional residents forecast by 2046.

Sunshine Coast Council has a clear vision for managing growth that is reflected in our Corporate plan, regional strategies and current planning scheme. The new planning scheme will build on this strong policy framework, set the vision for the Sunshine Coast in 2046 and guide growth and development to help achieve that vision.

Growing sustainably - your questions answered (PDF, 2017KB).

So the Sunshine Coast is growing…

Growing sustainably speech bubbles

Growing sustainably speech bubbles

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