Part 9 Development Codes
  • Last updated:
  • 16 Jul 2018

Part 9 contains development codes, which provide provisions for assessing development that is accepted or assessable (code or impact assessment) and includes:

  • use codes (eg. Dwelling house code, Home based business code and Rural uses code)
  • other development codes (eg. Landscape code, Transport and parking code).

View the complete Part 9 Development codes[9363KB]

9.1 Preliminary
9.2 Statewide codes
9.3 Use codes
9.3.1 Business uses and centre design code[75KB]
9.3.2 Caretaker's accommodation code[200KB]
9.3.3 Child care centre code[95KB]
9.3.4 Community activities code[96KB]
9.3.5 Dual occupancy code[65KB]
9.3.6 Dwelling house code[82KB]
9.3.7 Extractive industry code[1383KB]
9.3.8 Home based business code[165KB]
9.3.9 Industry uses code[185KB]
9.3.10 Market code[89KB]
9.3.11 Multi-unit residential uses code[71KB]
9.3.12 Nature and rural based tourism code[107KB]
9.3.13 Relocatable home park and tourist park code[173KB]
9.3.14 Residential care facility and retirement facility code[131KB]
9.3.15 Rural industries code[141KB]
9.3.16 Rural uses codes[170KB]
9.3.17 Sales office code[30KB]
9.3.18 Service station code[94KB]
9.3.19 Sport and recreation uses code[90KB]
9.3.20 Telecommunications facility code[142KB]
9.3.21 Utility code[95KB]
9.4 Other development codes
9.4.1 Advertising devices code[705KB]
9.4.2 Landscape code[473KB]
9.4.3 Nuisance code[101KB]
9.4.4 Reconfiguring a lot code[156KB]
9.4.5 Safety and security code[166KB]
9.4.6 Stormwater management code[119KB]
9.4.7 Sustainable design code[141KB]
9.4.8 Transport and parking code[7143KB]
9.4.9 Vegetation management code[129KB]
9.4.10 Waste management code[100KB]
9.4.11 Works, services and infrastructure code[78KB]