Driving and transport

Learn about your public transport options, buying a car and the road rules.

You must have a current driver's licence to drive a car in Australia. However, public transport is an affordable alternative way to travel on the Sunshine Coast.

Driver licence

When you move to the Sunshine Coast you will have to apply for a Queensland driver licence

If you drive without a licence you’ll be charged with unlicensed driving and may have to appear in court and pay a fine.

If you are stopped by police when driving you will need to show your driver licence, and you may also need to take a roadside alcohol breath test or drug saliva test.

Contact Queensland Department of Transport for more information. 

Buying a car

New cars are usually purchased from a dealership.

Used or second-hand cars can be purchased either from a dealership or directly from the current owner.

Always take a second-hand car for a test drive and have a registered mechanic check that it is in good condition. Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) or other registered car mechanics will do this for a fee.

When purchasing a second-hand car, the previous owner must sign over the car to you and give you the registration papers. Your car must be registered and insured before it can be driven. 

To understand the process contact the Department of Transport

More information

The following webpages on this website provide information for residents relating to driving and transport on the Sunshine Coast:

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