Wild dog partnership program

The wild dog partnership program aims to protect native animals, livestock (including cattle, sheep, goats and poultry) and domestic pets from wild dogs.

The program also aims to reduce the disease and health risks they pose to humans. Read more about wild dogs and their impacts.

Wild dog control is undertaken in partnership with landholders who have requested assistance from council.

Target species

Wild dog ( Canis lupus familiaris)

Protection method


  • Warning signs are placed at the entrance of properties where traps are in place
  • Soft-catch foothold traps are used to control wild dogs in areas of known activity
  • Traps are placed on private properties within the program area
  • Traps are checked daily or continuously by telemetry camera
  • Council offers humane euthanasia of trapped target species
  • Participants operate under council’s policies and procedures and in line with Queensland's animal welfare laws.


Ongoing (in response to community requests)


Control activities are undertaken on private properties registered to the program.

Note:  Control activities are not undertaken on public pathways and roadsides.

Get involved

If you would like your property to be a part of the program, please contact council.

Wild dog trap

Wild dog trap

Note: Domestic pets may be at risk if allowed to roam. It is an offence to allow a cat or dog roam outside its property. Read about responsible dog and cat ownership.