Coastal fox control program

The coastal fox control program (CFCP) is working to protect native animals and the community from foxes. Read more about foxes and their impacts.

The CFCP is a collaboration between council, Queensland Parks and Wildlife, Coolum and Northshore Coast Care, Noosa Shire Council, Sunshine Coast Airport and landholders. It was implemented in response to community concerns about the impacts of foxes.

The program is working to protect endangered spotted-tail quollgreen and loggerhead turtle hatchings as well as vulnerable water mouse and eastern ground parrot.

Target species

European fox (Vulpes vulpes)


Trapping: 15 April 2024 to 7 June 2024 (8 weeks)

Chemical control: 12 April 2024 to 28 June 2024 (11 weeks)

Fox den season: Mid-August to End of November (14 weeks)


Fox control is undertaken in areas of known fox activity in coastal areas between the Maroochy River and Peregian Beach. The program area includes council-managed and state-managed lands as well as some private properties. View a map of current properties (PDF, 4.3MB).

Note: Control activities are not undertaken on public pathways, roadsides; within five metres of a boundary fence; or within 200 metres of designated dog off-leash areas.

Get involved

Contact council if you would like your property to be part of the program. You can also assist by reporting fox dens to council. Learn more about identifying a fox den.

Protection methods