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Schools beach clean up 2018

In preparation for the arrival of nesting loggerhead turtles, local schools again helped clean our beaches through council’s annual schools beach clean up.

Schools beach clean up 2018

Over 460 students from 10 different schools across the coast helped clean 15 different sites including some of the major turtle nesting beaches. The students removed over 170kg of rubbish in an hour.

The debris was sorted using the Australian marine debris initiatives (AMDI) database, plastic food packaging and cigarette butts were the most collected items. The analysis of the debris helps the students to think about source reduction to prevent waste from impacting our local beaches and nesting turtles.

Thanks to Unity Water, Cleanwater Group, Ocean Crusaders, Coolum and North Shore Coast Care, Ten Little Pieces, Reef Check, Visionary Ocean Warriors, TurtleCare volunteers and all the students and teachers that came along to make this a “turtley awesome” day!