Certificates and searches for property information

Council can perform a range of searches on a property. These include rates and valuation, business licencing and health, flooding, building plumbing and development records.

Council offers a variety of searches to help inform your decision before buying a property or starting up a business. These searches will help you understand any issues relevant to the property.

Development.i site report can provide general town planning details for a property. This includes the zoning and any overlays that may affect development or the use of the property.

Development.i provides town planning notations from relevant development approvals over the land parcel. This includes specific planning conditions applicable to the site.

For more specific details, you can request a search about different aspects of a property. These may be helpful to understand how planning constraints might affect a property, or what might be involved to bring a building up to standard.

Search types

  • building, plumbing and development searches. Note: Information provided for building, plumbing and development is subject to availability of council’s records, refer to the type of search for details
  • rates and valuation searches
  • business licencing and health
  • health records
  • licence/s on same premise
  • invasive biosecurity matter
  • property inspection declared pest plants
  • drainage deficiency area survey
  • flood information.

For some searches, council may need access to a property to conduct an inspection. If so, council may need the phone number of the occupant or the agent holding the key to arrange access.

When requesting a search, you may also require an 'authority to enter'. You can check the requirements on the individual search request form.

How to request a search

You can request a search online using MyCouncil.

For help with MyCouncil:

Alternatively, you can complete the relevant form and pay the applicable fee in person or by post. Select the relevant form:

Each form contains:

  • full details of the various searches available
  • fees associated for each search type.

Other types of searches