Rates and valuation search

Council can perform a range of searches including rates and valuation, property ownership and previous rates notices.

Council issues rates notices half yearly in January and July, you can request a selection of rates and valuation information searches.

Rates and valuation searches

  • current registered owner
  • amount of half yearly rates outstanding or paid
  • Department of Resources unimproved valuation.

Property enquiry

Owners name and address only.

Copy of previous rates notice

  • email request to council's customer service
  • copies will only be supplied to owners whose name appears on the rates notice
  • specify dates of rating period (previous 7 years only).

Statement of account

  • email request to council's rates team
  • specify dates of rating period (previous 7 years only).

Note: Council accepts no liability for intending purchasers failing to request appropriate searches. Council does not represent or warrant that all information in a search is accurate or complete.

How to request a search

Council offers several ways to retrieve rates and valuation information:

  • lodge and pay online through MyCouncil (you will need to register to use this service)
  • submit the rates and valuation search form (DOCX, 293KB) and pay the applicable fee by email, in person or by post.

Please allow five business days from receipt of your application. We do not currently offer a fast track service due to the high volume of searches.

To ensure you receive your search results within your desired timeframe, we encourage you to allow at least three business days in addition to council processing time when negotiating you contract timeframes.

If you would like more details or assistance contact council.