Caloundra Music Festival

Counting licenced bar patrons at events

This project trialled object detection cameras and WiFi counters which provided real-time information about the number of patrons in licenced bars to help inform responsive deployment of security guards to meet safety and regulatory requirements. 

Category Bringing data to life 
Location Caloundra 
Project status Trial 
Start date 29 September 2023 
Completion date1 October 2023 
Cost $3,500 
Benefits / value 
  • Redeployment of resources 
  • Reduced labour hours 

Council-run events with licenced venues must comply with the Queensland Liquor Act 1992 and provide one security guard for every 100 people within an allocated area. 

Automating the current manual process of counting patron numbers will help to better manage safety and security requirements, ensure these areas remain within capacity limits, optimise overall attendee experience, and reduce operational costs to council. 

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