Data trailer

The trailer produces data to help understand how an area is used to help improve service delivery to our community.

The data trailer can be deployed quickly for short periods to produce counting, movement and categorisation data in specific or multiple locations as an alternative to permanent installations of sensors and devices. 

Category Bringing data to life
Location Region wide
Project status Operational 
Start dateNovember 2023
Completion date Ongoing
Cost $60,000+ 
Benefits / value 
  • Deploy equipment quickly 
  • Cost effective 
  • High levels of accuracy 
  • Data is available to all staff 

The initial pilot and testing of a data acquisition trailer for internal council use identified the need for a custom-built trailer to meet branch needs for high quality and accurate data.  

With an increasing demand for data insights, the recently constructed trailer is available for council use to help inform capital works projects and funding applications.  

You can visit our Trailer locations page to view previous, current, and planned locations.

More information

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