Environmental impact
  • Last updated:
  • 03 Oct 2022

The Sunshine Coast's natural areas support our diverse plants and animals, and provides the foundation for our much-loved way of life. That is why protecting, maintaining and enhancing our natural environment is a key priority for council.

Development, building and plumbing work can impact our natural environment, waterways and vegetation. Council investigates environmental impacts under the Environmental Protection Act 1994.

Find out more about your specific issue and report a problem below.

During rainfall, large amounts of sediment can wash into local waterways. The sediment can come from construction sites associated with development and infrastructure work. Under legislation, council can fine those who do not use the correct erosion and sediment control measures.

More information:

Report erosion and sediment issues.

For non-life-threatening emergency situations associated with flooding, contact State Emergency Services.

Flood information

Flood mapping helps the community to understand how flooding and overland flow may affect aspects of their everyday life.

All construction and building work must consider the flood hazard area where works will take place. There are special regulations that apply to flood hazard areas. Read flood information relevant to building works.

Council can perform a variety of property searches including flood information for a property. Find out how to apply and the relevant fees for this search.

Flooded roads

A map view of both state and local government impacted roads is available on council's Roads Hub website.

Contact Queensland Transport and Main Roads for state road flooding.

Report a flooded council street.


If not properly planned, stormwater drainage can cause local flooding to neighbouring or downstream properties. Issues are often caused where property owners have altered existing ground levels due to landscaping, fencing or pool installation.

Council recommends prior to lodging a complaint, you take steps to try and resolve any stormwater or flooding issues affecting your property with your neighbour. Council does not maintain allotment drainage or roof drainage systems, which are the property owner’s responsibility.

Council may become involved if water is being concentrated and directed onto a neighbouring property. For example, where:

  • your neighbour has installed a down pipe that has an outlet near your property
  • an agricultural drain or seepage drain outlet causes water to flow across your property.

If you and your neighbour cannot resolve the problem, the State Justice Department Dispute Resolution Centre can provide mediation without legal action.

Read more about stormwater associated with residential properties.

Read about council’s stormwater management strategy.

Report a stormwater nuisance.

Report stormwater runoff from run off from roads, reserves, parklands.

Tidal works are any works carried in, on or over tidal land. They generally include the construction or demolition of structures such as:

  • jetties
  • decks
  • pontoons
  • seawalls
  • navigation channels
  • marina basins.

You need a development permit from council and/or State government to carry out tidal work. Read more about tidal work.

Report concerns with tidal work.

Clearing native vegetation in Queensland is regulated by the Australian and Queensland governments. Council also regulates clearing, including vegetation and trees on private property. Some activities may be exempt. Please refer to council’s vegetation clearing information.

You must have a development permit from council to remove protected vegetation on private property. This includes:

  • cutting down trees
  • chopping into or damaging the trunk of a tree
  • pruning to the extent that the tree is likely to die
  • clearing of plants within under storey areas (below the tree canopy).

Trees on property boundaries are also subject to the Neighbourhood Disputes Resolution Act 2011.

There are occasions when council will approve a permit to remove or damage vegetation on a road verge. This includes during building, renovating or constructing a driveway.

Report vegetation clearing.

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