Building work

Building work includes new buildings and structures, swimming pools, retaining walls and additions or alterations to existing buildings.

Building work includes constructing, repairing, altering, underpinning, moving, or demolishing a building or structure. It also includes excavating or filling for, or incidental to the building work. Almost all building work requires a current private building certifier’s development permit.

Refer to the list of what needs building approval as a guide. 

In the first instance; for building work issues, you should contact the responsible private building certifier.

Private building certifiers inspect and approve building work. They ensure the work complies with the development permit, approved building plans and appropriate building standards. This includes building work inspections during and at completion of construction.

You can search Development.i for basic information about recent development permits for building work on the Sunshine Coast. This includes details of the responsible certifier.

It is important that building work issues are reported to the correct agency. This can be the private building certifier, council, state government or another industry body.

Read more about the approval and construction process for residential building work (DOCX, 1.4MB).

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