Certificates and searches for property information
  • Last updated:
  • 30 Jun 2020

Council can perform a variety of property searches. There are several ways to request searches:

  • lodge and pay online through MyCouncil (you will need to register to use this service)
  • submit the relevant search application form and pay the applicable fee by email, in person or by post.

To comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, the use of credit cards is only available:

  • online through MyCouncil, or
  • in person.

Types of searches

  • building, plumbing and development
  • business licencing and health
    • health records
    • licence/s on same premise
    • invasive biosecurity matter
    • property inspection declared pest plants.
  • flooding
    • flood data provision
    • drainage deficiency area survey
    • flood information.
  • rates and valuation
    • rates property enquiry
    • rates and valuation certificate.

 Search application forms

 Search application forms contain:

  • full details of the various searches are available
  • timeframes for each search type
  • fees associated to the variety of searches.

Complete the relevant form:

Access details

Council may need access to a property to conduct an inspection. If so, council may need the phone number of the occupant or the agent holding the key to arrange access.

When requesting a full onsite building search, an 'authority to enter' may also be required. Please refer to the individual search request form requirements.

Other types of searches