File retrievals
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Jun 2022

Request a file retrieval for a copy of building, plumbing or development files. Availability of files can depend of the age of the building.

Where available within council records, a copy of the following will be provided in a file retrieval:

  • approval documents and plans
  • decision notice, and
  • reports.

Development files after 1 January 2007 are available at no charge via Development.i.

Commercial building files are kept for the life of the building. This includes multi-unit residential approvals.

Domestic building and plumbing files pre1996 are not available for retrieval. This includes files for standard dwellings and related class 10 structures.

Note: Other records may not be available.

For a copy of inspections, outstanding notices, drainage plans or pre2007 development approvals and plans, complete a building, plumbing and development search application form.

Requesting a file retrieval

Council offers several ways to retrieve a file:

Note: applications will not be processed without payment. We are unable to provide a refund on requests for files predating the dates listed above.

You can contact council's development services for more information.