Kawana Waters master planned development
  • Last updated:
  • 23 Mar 2021

Kawana Waters is the name given broadly to an area of 1,613 hectares between Currimundi Creek and the Mooloolah River.

Over 90% of the Kawana Waters area has been progressively developed since a development lease was first granted in the 1960s. This is administrated by the Department of Resources.

The current master planning arrangements for Kawana Waters were introduced in 1996. Suburbs in the Kawana Waters area developed before 1996 are covered by the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014. This includes Buddina, Warana, Wurtulla and established parts of Bokarina.

The Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 identifies specific areas of Kawana Waters as part Development Control Plan 1 - Kawana Waters (DCP-1). This includes:

  • Parrearra (Kawana Island)
  • Birtinya
  • Bokarina Beach
  • Meridan Plans (Kawana Forrest), and
  • Currimundi (Creekside).

Map of land within Development Control Plan 1 

Under the provisions of (DCP-1), development of land within the area must follow the master planned community development process. Council must approve a series of master plans when developing individual sites or precincts.

The Kawana master plans are hierarchical and provide varying levels of guidance for land developers and council in the assessment of individual developments. All development must comply with DCP-1, the structure plan and any relevant master plans.

For more information please contact council's development services.

The Development Control Plan 1 - Kawana Waters (DCP-1) is part of the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014.

Development of land within the development control plan area must follow a specific development process which is defined by a master plan. Each master plan is approved by council and State Government before developing individual sites or precincts.

Planning document hierarchy

Planning scheme Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014
Caloundra City Council Planning Scheme 1996[12131KB]
DCP-1 - Kawana Waters[2704KB]
Master Plans Kawana Waters structure plan
Key map - neighbourhood plan/detailed planning area plan
Key map - precinct/estate plan
Key map - site development plan
Subdivision Design plan/reconfiguring a lot

View the Kawana Master plans and maps in full.

A number of infrastructure agreements apply to the development of Kawana Waters, these include:

Kawana Waters development agreement
Part 1[7772KB] Part 2[9456KB]
A tripartite infrastructure agreement between the master developer, council and the State Government. This agreement sets out the key infrastructure obligations which the master developer is required to deliver and the timing for when they are required.

Health precinct car parking infrastructure agreement
The health precinct car parking infrastructure agreement 2014[2504KB] is an infrastructure agreement between the master developer and council with respect to car parking in the Birtinya Health Hub

Regional hospital infrastructure agreement
Part 1[9458KB]
 Part 2[10582KB]
Part 3[11211KB]
Part 4[10465KB]

The community development strategy[3280KB] sets out the community facilities required to accommodate the needs of the DCP-1 area and provides a framework for the timing of development of these facilities, which include:

  • community meeting spaces
  • neighbourhood centre
  • cultural, library and learning centre
  • child care centres
  • surf lifesaving club
  • SES facility
  • public access domain (mall)
  • open space network.

There are two lake systems within the DCP-1 area:

Lake management plans primarily establish:

  • quay lines
  • and permitted and prohibited activities and uses
  • details relating private pontoons and platforms for lake front properties, and 
  • the process to obtain the necessary approvals required before construction of a private pontoon or platform.