Kawana Master Plans
  • Last updated:
  • 11 Jul 2018

The Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 identifies an area of land within Kawana as located within Development Control Plan 1 – Kawana Waters. Under the provisions of Development Control Plan 1 (DCP-1), development of land within the DCP area must follow the Master Planned Community Development Process. Council must approve a series of master plans when developing individual sites or precincts.

The Kawana Master Plans are hierarchical and provide varying levels of guidance for land developers and council in the assessment of individual developments. All development must comply with Development Control Plan 1, the Structure Plan and any relevant Master Plans.

The hierarchy of planning documents for Kawana Waters involves:

The current version of Development Control Plan 1 - Kawana Waters is contained within Kawana Waters - Temporary Local Planning Instrument No. 3.

A number of Infrastructure Agreements apply to the development of Kawana Waters, these include:

    Refer to the following key maps for the relevant Kawana Master Plans for land within DCP-1. Most sites have more than one layer of master plan, so refer to all key maps below to identify the master plans applicable to your site.

    These key maps will open in council's MyMaps interactive mapping system. Zoom in to identify Master Plan numbers and click on the Master Plan areas for a link directly to the Master Plan. These master plans contain information pertaining to permissible land uses and development criteria.

     Key Map - Neighbourhood Plans and Detailed Planning Area Plans


    Master Plan No.1[2825KB]<

    Master Plan No.2[2205KB]

    Master Plan No.5

    Master Plan No.6 [2012KB]>

    Master Plan No.11[5040KB]

    Master Plan No.14

    Master Plan No.15[1775KB] 

    Master Plan No.38 

    Master Plan No. 44

     Master Plan No.71

     Master Plan No.72[1268KB]

    Master Plan No.74

     Master Plan No.82
     Master Plan No.91


     Key Map - Precinct/Estate Plans


    Master Plan No.3[1293KB]

    Master Plan No.7[961KB]

    Master Plan No.12[2065KB]

    Master Plan No.16[2447KB] 

    Master Plan No.18[1927KB]

    Master Plan No.20[2472KB]

    Master Plan No.22[2411KB]

    Master Plan No.24[2229KB] 

     Master Plan No.27[2697KB]

    Master Plan No.30[6827KB]

    Master Plan No.35[2253KB]

    Master Plan No.39

     Master Plan No.56[3630KB]

    Master Plan No.59[2924KB]



    Key Map - Site Development Plans

    Master Plan No.8[1633KB]

    Master Plan No.9

    Master Plan No.13[1869KB]

    Master Plan No.17[1990KB] 

    Master Plan No.21[1868KB]

    Master Plan No.23

    Master Plan No.25[2611KB] 

    Master Plan No.28 [1979KB]

    Master Plan No. 29

    Master Plan No.31

    Master Plan No.32[4304KB]

    Master Plan No.36[2273KB]

    Master Plan No.37[3439KB]

    Master Plan No.40[911KB]

    Master Plan No.47[14250KB]

    Master Plan No.48

    Master Plan No.49[1728KB][1728KB] 

    Master Plan No.50[1510KB][1510KB]

    Master Plan No.54[4292KB][4292KB]

    Master Plan No.55[2696KB][2696KB]

     Master Plan No.57[3606KB][3606KB]

     Master Plan No.58[2036KB][2036KB]

     Master Plan No.60[3170KB][3170KB]

    Master Plan No.61

    Master Plan No.62[723KB][723KB]

     Master Plan No.63

    Master Plan No.64[2125KB][2125KB]
    Master Plan No.65[729KB][729KB]

    Master Plan No.66[869KB][869KB]

    Master Plan No.70[1660KB][1660KB]

    Master Plan No.73[11277KB][11277KB]

    Master Plan No.76[9551KB][9551KB]

    Master Plan No.77

    Master Plan No.79

    Master Plan No.80

    Master Plan No.81

    Master Plan No.83

    Master Plan No.84

    Master Plan No.85

    Master Plan No.86

    Master Plan No.87[3918KB][3918KB]

    Master Plan No.88

    Master Plan No.90
     Master Plan No.92
    Master Plan No.93
    Master Plan No. 94
     Master Plan No. 95
     Master Plan No. 96 
    Master Plan No. 97
     Master Plan No. 98
     Master Plan No. 99 
     Master Plan No. 101  Master Plan No. 102

    Creekside (Currimundi)

    The following Master Plans regulate the form and siting of development within Creekside:

    Lake management

    Within the area identified as Development Control Plan 1 there are two lake systems:

    Lake Management Plans have been prepared and endorsed by council for each system. The endorsed Lake Management Plans primarily establishes quay lines and permitted and prohibited activities and uses. The Lake Management Plans also includes details relating private pontoons and platforms for lake front properties and establishes the process to follow in order to obtain the necessary approvals required before a private pontoon or platform may be constructed.