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Below are the key maps for the relevant Kawana master plans for land within Development Control Plan 1 - Kawana Waters (DCP-1).

Most sites have more than one layer of master plan, You should refer to each key map below to identify all the master plans applicable to your site. These master plans contain information pertaining to permissible land uses and development criteria.


  • These key maps will open in council's MyMaps interactive mapping system.
  • Zoom in to identify master plan numbers.
  • Click on the master plan areas to link directly to the master plan.

Key map - neighbourhood plans and detailed planning area plans

Master plan no.1Master plan no.2Master plan no.5Master plan no.6
Master plan no.11Master plan no.14Master plan no.15Master plan no.38
Master plan no. 44Master plan no.71Master plan no.72Master plan no.74
Master plan no.82Master plan no.91Master plan no.100

Key map - precinct/estate plans

Master plan no.3Master plan no.7Master plan no.12Master plan no.16
Master plan no.18Master plan no.20Master plan no.22Master plan no.24
Master plan no.27Master plan no.30Master plan no.35Master plan no.39
Master plan no.56 Master plan no.59

Key map - site development plans

Master plan no.8Master plan no.9Master plan no.13Master plan no.17
Master plan no.21 Master plan no.23Master plan no.25Master plan no.28
Master plan no.29Master plan no.31Master plan no.32Master plan no.36
Master plan no.37Master plan no.40Master plan no.47Master plan no.48
Master plan no.49Master plan no.50Master plan no.54Master plan no.55
Master plan no.57Master plan no.58Master plan no.60Master plan no.61
Master plan no.62Master plan no.63Master plan no.64Master plan no.65
Master plan no.66 Master plan no.69Master plan no.70Master plan no.73
Master plan no.75 Master plan no.76Master plan no.77Master plan no.79
Master plan no.80Master plan no.81Master plan no.83Master plan no.84
Master plan no.85Master plan no.86Master plan no.87Master plan no.88
Master plan no.89Master plan no.90Master plan no.92Master plan no.93
Master plan no.94Master plan no.95Master plan no.96Master plan no.97
Master plan no.98Master plan no.99Master plan no.101Master plan no.102
Master plan no.103Master plan no.104Master plan no.105Master plan no.106
Master plan no.107Master plan no.108Master plan no.109Master plan no.110
Master plan no.111Master plan no.112Master plan no.113Master plan no.114
Master plan no.115Master plan no. 116Master plan no.117Master plan no.118
Master plan no.119Master plan no.120Master plan no.121Master plan no.122
Master plan no.123Master plan no.124Master plan no.125Master plan no.126
Master plan no.128Master plan no.129

 Creekside (Currimundi) master plans

Currimundi district retail centre (PDF, 2.5MB)Precinct/estate plan and site development plan for Creekside (PDF, 3MB)Site development plan - urban neighbourhood centre,  Creekside (PDF, 6MB)