Caloundra CBD Project
  • Last updated:
  • 27 Nov 2018

Caloundra is an attractive seaside destination, providing a range of business, tourism and employment activities. Caloundra faces a number of challenges including competition from both existing and proposed centres and a limited economic base.

Council’s Corporate Plan 2014-2019 identified the Caloundra CBD Project as a priority project to “progress the design, place development and management for Caloundra 4551”

In 2014, to identify opportunities for the revitalisation of Caloundra, council and the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) commissioned the preparation of the Caloundra Economic Revitalisation Study 2014[2302KB].

The study recommended:

  • the formation of a taskforce to guide the revitalisation of the Caloundra Central Business District (CBD)
  • the appointment of a CBD manager to work with the business community
  • a master plan that encompasses the necessary details to guide the future revitalisation of the area.

Project scope

Caloundra CBD Taskforce

The scope of the taskforce’s role includes identifying actions and implementation strategies that will enhance the main street’s point of difference and appeal as a shopping, business and investment destination; and developing a three-year plan that will guide how measurable change towards the vision for the area will be achieved.

Caloundra CBD Manager

The scope of the Caloundra CBD manager role includes pursuing urban quality ‘quick wins’ agreed and driven by local business and property owners, investigating and delivering renewal and local pride schemes that have a proven track record for success; and progressing initiatives identified by the taskforce that will contribute to the achievement of the vision for the Caloundra CBD.

Project updates

Caloundra CBD Taskforce

The Caloundra CBD Taskforce (the taskforce) was appointed on 16 April 2015 following an open recruitment and selection process. Information on the roles and responsibilities of the taskforce and taskforce membership are contained in the:

The final meeting of the Caloundra CBD Taskforce was held on 19 July 2017. The taskforce accomplished many positive outcomes during their time. During the two years of the Caloundra CBD Taskforce, the following was achieved:

  • Formation of the taskforce with 12 community representatives from Sunshine Coast Council, Caloundra Chamber of Commerce and local businesses.
  • Creation of a logo and website which included a database of 395 businesses to communicate the key messages of the project.
  • The appointment of a Caloundra CBD Curator to increase the level of business-driven economic revitalisation activity in the CBD with funding from the parking meter fund of $100,000 per year.
  • Engagement with CBD property owners and traders to connect them with the CBD. This included events such as a lunch with owners and traders and founder and Creative Director of Renew Newcastle and Renew Australia, and a Traders Forum to get support of ‘quick win’ projects in the area. This engagement led to collaboration between traders resulting in fundraising for a mural to be created.
  • A three-year action plan was adopted that focused on 11 key areas of change.
  • Programs such as Monaco Caloundra Warm-up Sessions and Block Party Williamson Lane to support local artists.
  • The ‘Shop Local’ competition which was held to support local businesses during the Bulcock Street streetscape upgrade.
  • Development of a Data Club to support traders to engage with each other, set goals and allow them to transfer the data to benefit other traders in the street.
  • Providing ongoing input into the Caloundra Centre Masterplan.

Download the Caloundra CBD Taskforce Summary Report.


For more information on the Caloundra CBD Project please contact council on (07) 5475 7272 or email