Tree clearing on private property

A permit may be needed from council to remove protected vegetation on private property, including cutting down trees.

Trees contribute to the health, character, and identity of our communities. They shade, cool and balance our built environment. They also provide vital habitat for our native animals and plants.

Vegetation clearing is 'development' (operational work) under the Planning Act 2017. It is regulated by the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014. Refer to the vegetation management code.

Some vegetation is protected from being cleared in our region. Use the Development.i site report to find out if your property has protected vegetation and trees.

You may need a permit from council to remove protected vegetation.

This includes:

  • cutting down trees
  • chopping into or damaging the trunk of a tree
  • pruning to the extent that the tree is likely to die
  • clearing of plants within under storey areas (below the tree canopy).

To apply to remove protected vegetation, submit a completed DA form 1 to council.

Fees apply for assessment of operational works vegetation removal. Refer to councils fees and charges.

For more information, refer to:

More information

If you are concerned about trees or vegetation being cleared on private property, please complete a request for service form in MyCouncil.

For more information contact council's development services.