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Sunshine Coast Reconciliation Action Plan

The Sunshine Coast Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2021-2022 supports social and economic opportunities for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of the Sunshine Coast.

Council’s vision is to provide an encouraging and supportive framework that facilitates First Nations collaborations and partnerships on the Sunshine Coast. Council aims to be a leader in First Nations engagement, while nurturing a shared future that embraces culture, heritage and diversity.

Reconciliation Australia’s RAP framework provides organisations with a structured approach to advance reconciliation; a plan of action built on relationships, respect and opportunities; and a plan for enabling social change and economic opportunities for First Nations people.

The Sunshine Coast RAP sits alongside councils' Corporate Plan (PDF, 19505KB) as 2 integral documents that inform the organisation's values.

When council launched its first RAP in 2011, it was the first local government in Queensland to have developed its plan in partnership with Reconciliation Australia.

In 2021, council adopted the Sunshine Coast Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2021-2022 (PDF, 3231KB), it’s third RAP.

Innovate RAP commitments allow council to gain a deeper understanding of its sphere of influence and establish the best approach to advance reconciliation.

An innovate RAP focuses on:

  • developing and strengthening relationships with First Nations people
  • engaging staff and stakeholders in reconciliation
  • developing and piloting innovative strategies to empower First Nations people.