First Nations Partnerships

Council's First Nations Partnerships team, advocate for community needs, provide First Nations policy advice, and support engagement.

Council’s First Nations Partnerships (FNP) team facilitates First Nations collaborations and partnerships on the Sunshine Coast by advocating for community needs, providing First Nations policy advice and supporting engagement.

According to the ABS Census in 2021, 8,332 persons identifying as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander lived in the Sunshine Coast local government Area (Sunshine Coast region). This represents 2.4% of the total resident population.

Sunshine Coast Council’s Reconciliation Action Plan provides an encouraging and supportive framework that facilitates First Nations collaborations and partnerships on the Sunshine Coast. Council aspires to be a leader in First Nations engagement, while nurturing a shared future that embraces culture, heritage and diversity.

As the oldest continuing cultures on earth, First Nations peoples have unique perspectives, built on intricate and ancient knowledge systems, which cared for the continent now known as Australia and supported it to flourish for thousands of years.

First Nations knowledge, ways of understanding and relationships are based on deep connections with each other, the environment and Country. First Nations governance and decision-making work hand-in-hand with their cultural beliefs and practices; as well as supporting their fundamental human right to self-determination.

It is important to understand that First Nations peoples have been contesting colonisation for their human rights for over two centuries. Engagement with First Nations peoples should be approached as a partnership and be inclusive of First Nations values.

Ensuring First Nations engagement is a partnership, supports the right of self-determination by empowering First Nations peoples to make decisions on matters which affect their lives, communities, and Country.

Council’s First Nations partnerships integrate the First Nations' values of:

  • connection
  • listening
  • story
  • community.

Council's First Nations partnerships focus on four strategic pathways:  

How council's FNP team engage:

  • community networks, meetings, activities and events
  • facilitate First Nations partnerships
  • celebrate First Nations significant dates
  • provide First Nations policy advice
  • Reconciliation Action Plan development, implementation and reporting.

Customer enquiries relating to the region’s Traditional Custodians, council’s Reconciliation Action Plan or other First Nations projects supported by council, can be emailed to the First Nations Partnerships team.

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