Sunshine Coast First Nations Supplier Day

The Sunshine Coast First Nations Supplier Day is a platform to showcase local First Nations businesses and their ongoing contributions to the economic sustainability of the Sunshine Coast region.

Sunshine Coast First Nations Supplier Day

As the oldest continuing culture on earth, First Nations people were the first builders and engineers, the first inventors and scientists, the first agriculturalists and environmentalists, the first healers, and the first navigators and astronomers.

Despite the challenges within contemporary Australia, First Nations people use their ingenuity and ancient knowledge systems to continue cultural practices that both support economy and build community.

One of the key objectives of the Sunshine Coast First Nations Supplier Day is to establish a platform to showcase local First Nations businesses and their ongoing contributions to the economic sustainability of the Sunshine Coast region.

By creating and nurturing relationships between First Nations suppliers, government, NGOs and businesses, supplier day aims to support a strong and resilient community which prioritises local First Nations businesses as the suppliers of choice.

Sunshine Coast First Nations Supplier Day objectives

  • To establish a platform for First Nations businesses
  • To bring together local First Nations businesses with innovative industries, with particular focus on the seven high value industries highlighted in the Regional Economic Development Strategy:
    • Health and wellbeing
    • Education and research
    • Tourism, sport and leisure
    • Knowledge industries and professional services
    • Agribusiness
    • Clean technologies
    • Aviation and aerospace.
  • To develop capabilities and capacity through:
    • leadership, collaboration and identity
    • capital investment
    • high value industries
    • local to global connections
    • investment in skills and talent.
  • To support the objectives of council’s First Nations procurement guideline (PDF, 240KB):
    • developing a competitive First Nations business and industry both locally and regionally
    • creating new business and commercial opportunities for First Nations suppliers, and support the existing First Nations business and commercial base
    • creating new local employment opportunities and maintain the existing First Nations local employment base
    • Supporting First Nations supply chains by incentivising all council suppliers to sub-contract with, or procure goods and services from, First Nations suppliers
    • diversifying economic growth contributing to community prosperity.
  • To create and nurture relationships between First Nations suppliers and government, NGOs and businesses
  • To showcase local First Nations businesses
  • To showcase the contributions and collaborations between the corporate community and First Nations community.

For additional information and insight into the Sunshine Coast First Nations supplier day, please read the event summary (PDF, 398KB).

Don't miss this important opportunity! Discover local First Nations suppliers. Learn what products and services are available to your business. Promote your organisation’s social responsibility and engagement with Your Community!

The 2nd Sunshine Coast First Nations Supplier Day 2022

Last years' supplier day event was held on Monday, 10 October 2022 at the Nambour Showgrounds.

First Nations supplier briefing - local business champions

First Nations supplier day poster

Partnership opportunities

If you or your organisation are interested in supporting the First Nations community and this event by partnering, please contact the First Nations Partnerships team.

More information

Customer enquiries relating to the region’s Traditional Custodians, council’s Reconciliation Action Plan or other First Nations projects supported by council, can be emailed to the First Nations Partnerships team.

Sunshine Coast Council acknowledges the Sunshine Coast Country, home of the Kabi Kabi peoples and the Jinibara peoples, the Traditional Custodians, whose lands and waters we all now share.
We commit to working in partnership with the Traditional Custodians and the broader First Nations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) community to support self-determination through economic and community development.
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