Sports field closures

Find details of field closures at council managed precincts

Sports field closures

The Sunshine Coast has several sporting fields across the region. The community, sports clubs, or schools use these fields.

Closed fields must not be used. Schools, clubs, groups and persons who use the fields against council's advice are reminded that should they cause damage to the playing surface, they may be liable for fines and/or cost for any damage caused.

Community sporting clubs

The community sporting clubs have an agreement with council to use the facilities. Volunteers manage and maintain these clubs.

Community sporting clubs are not-for-profit. They endeavor to keep their sports fields open to the public when the fields aren't being used for club purposes.

At times fields may need to be closed due to wet weather, maintenance or field renovations. The club managing the venue has the right to close fields . For details of current sports field closures at any of the not-for-profit managed sporting grounds, please contact the club direct. Council may have the site you’re interested in listed on the Community Sports Facilities page directory. Most Sunshine Coast community sport clubs have web pages and/or Facebook accounts for you to get in touch.

Council managed sporting precincts

Council manage some public parks and a few of the larger sports fields, such as Sunshine Coast Stadium and Maroochydore Multi Sports Complex.

Council endeavors to keep our sport and recreation facilities open as often as possible. At times they may need to close due to wet weather, maintenance, or field renovations. For details of current sports field closures at council managed precincts, please refer to signage boards at the venues.

Council updates this information on business days if there are any changes. Please contact your club if weather conditions change after hours, or over the weekend. They will determine playing and/or training conditions.