TurtleCare reports

Read our comprehensive reports to learn more about turtle nesting on the Sunshine Coast and the TurtleCare program.

TurtleCare reports

There are a number of reports available that provide in-depth information about turtle nesting on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast turtle nesting technical report (PDF, 2.89MB).

This report summarises the results of monitoring the eastern Australian loggerhead and green nesting populations during the 2005-2016 breeding seasons on Sunshine Coast regional beaches.

Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Regional Council benchmark artificial light at night (ALAN) survey 2017 (PDF, 11.24MB).

This report established artificial light emission levels on the Sunshine Coast and Bribie Island in 2017. This document has had some sensitive information redacted to protect personal privacy.

Community engagement evaluation of the TurtleCare program 2018 (PDF, 1.34MB).

This report is a critical review of the citizen science within TurtleCare, focused on program aims and objectives, volunteer and community involvement, and the identification of potential program gaps.

TurtleCare snapshot 2022/2023 (PDF, 186.42KB).

This snapshot summarises the 2022/2023 turtle season results, as well as TurtleCare volunteer contributions, events and training.