If you see a turtle on the beach, report your sighting here.


Nesting turtles, turtle tracks or hatchlings

LocationOrganisationContact number
North Bribie Island to Point CartwrightTurtleCare Sunshine Coast0437 559 067
Mooloolaba to Sunshine BeachCoolum and North Shore Coast Care0478 435 377
North of Sunshine BeachNoosa Shire Council5329 6500 or 5329 6238
Bribie IslandBribie Island Turtle Volunteers0438 111 163

Marine strandings

If you see injured or dead turtles on any Sunshine Coast beach, please call the marine strandings hotline 1300 130 372 (option 1).

What to do if you see a turtle

  • please stay at least 20 meters from any turtles on the beach and call the local turtle group
  • during the nesting process, turtles are easily disturbed by light, noise and movement. Keep clear of her, stay still, wait quietly and don’t use a torch or phone light
  • once digging the nest the turtle is still easily disturbed so watch quietly from behind without lights and don't touch her
  • torches and lamps can easily disorient hatchlings, hindering their race to the ocean. Keep out of their way, don't shine lights at them or use flash photography and let them naturally make their way to the ocean.

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