A wonderful array of plants may be seen in the bushland and landscaped areas. The botanic garden plays an important role in conservation of native rare endangered species.


The Maroochy regional bushland botanic garden is a place for plants. A place that displays, cultivates and tells the story of the natural landscapes that shape the character of the Sunshine Coast. The plant collection is the cornerstone of the Maroochy regional bushland botanic garden and provides a place for people to study, conserve, enjoy and learn about plants.

The plant collection contains 349 naturally occurring plants of the Sunshine Coast region. This region incorporates the Sunshine Coast and surrounding environments, west to Conondale Ranges, north to Gympie and south to the Gold Coast.

Endangered species

The plant collection plays an important role in saving rare and endangered plant species. Some of these species are found growing naturally on site, while others have been planted.

20 of the 42 species that are listed as rare or endangered in the Maroochy area are now protected in the gardens. 27 other rare or endangered species from the South East Queensland bioregion also grow here. Information on some of the rare and threatened flora of Sunshine Coast area conserved in Maroochy regional bushland botanic garden is available.