Find out if you need approval to build a shed, including size, structure and location.

Do I need approval to build a shed?

The Building Code of Australia defines a shed as a Class 10a non-habitable building. Class 10a buildings include sheds, carports and garages.

Before starting work, council recommends consulting with a private building certifier. Building certifiers can verify what approval you need.

Building work approval

In limited circumstances, you can build class 10a non-habitable buildings without a building work approval. This is called ‘accepted (self-assessable) development’. 

You will not need a building work approval if your shed meets all below requirements:

  • does not exceed 10m2 in area; and
  • does not have any side longer than 5.0 m; and
  • does not exceed 2.4m in height, and does not have a mean height exceeding 2.1m; and
  • complies with the Building Code of Australia e.g., for structural adequacy, fire safety, roof water drainage; and
  • complies with prescribed minimum boundary setbacks; and
  • is not located within a registered easement; and
  • no other part of the Building Act 1975 is triggered by the building work,  for example, the shed cannot place a load on an adjacent retaining wall, a council stormwater service or a Unity Water sewer.

If the shed does not comply with ALL of the above requirements, you need building work approval from a private building certifier.

Council approval

Your shed must comply with the Dwelling House Code under the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014. You may need approval from Council for building work or as a Concurrence Agency Referral.

Contact council's development services for more answers about sheds and their design requirements.