Changing your name or address
  • Last updated:
  • 14 Jul 2021

When a property is sold within the region, council receives details of new owners from the Department of Resources (DR). The details include a postal address for notices. If you want council to forward notices to another address, you must authorise the change by an online change of address form.

Companies wishing to add an authority on a property must complete the online change of address/add authority form.

Ratepayers wishing to change their name or business name must complete a change of name notification form. You must state the reason for the name change on the form and provide supporting documents such as:

  • marriage certificate
  • Decree Nisi (divorce)
  • letterhead with new company name
  • or extract from Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC).

Property sales (new owners)

Council rate notices are issued in January and July. If you buy or sell your property just prior to either of these times, council may not have been notified of the sale before printing notices. So, if you receive a rate notice for a property you no longer own, please either forward the notice to the new owner or return it to council.

A penalty can apply if notification of a sale is not provided to the Department of Resources (DR) or to council within 30 days of settlement.


If you would like more details or assistance contact council.