Maroochydore City Centre graphic representation of the digital tour
Smart City Digital Tour
  • Last updated:
  • 21 Jun 2022

The Smart City digital walking tour is a self-guided walk designed to show you the different technologies we are building into the new Maroochydore City Centre. There are lots of fun facts about how these technologies work, why we’re using them and their benefits.

The tour is about 1 kilometre, and consists of 9 zones. It will take around 30 minutes to complete the full tour. 

Start the tour at the corner of First Avenue and Aerodrome Road to enjoy the full experience – or you can explore each zone at your leisure. Take your time to allow the content to download on your mobile.

Image showing route of guided tour

How to start your tour

To start your tour you will need to have Bluetooth turned on and you will need the Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) App installed on your phone. Free WiFi is available for downloading the SCC App at the Smart City display or Sun Central site office located at 9 Golf Street, Maroochydore.

Don't have the SCC App

The free SCC App is available for download from:

  Apple App Store 

  Google Play Store

Open the SCC App

Choose the following menu options:

  1. Things to do
  2. Guided walks
  3. Maroochydore Smart City Tour

How does the tour work?

MCC Digital Tour smart object icon



Your welcome tour map indicates where you will find beacons. Each location interactive screen will point you to the next smart object along your walk.

You will also find smart object symbols on objects at these waypoints. Your tour will activate automatically using your Bluetooth connection when you are in close proximity to these smart beacons.

MCC Digital Tour scratchy icon


 Interactive scratchies and certificates of completion

During your tour, three interactive scratchies appear at various locations. Scratch the image with your finger to see how you’re progressing. You must complete all 9 zones to receive a certificate of completion.