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Smart city initiatives

The Maroochydore city centre project includes several smart city initiatives.

  • Multi-function poles

    Multi-function poles

    Street poles have evolved over the years from the jumble of wires and lights to multi-function poles. These can be fitted with WiFi, environmental sensors, people and vehicle counters, digital signage, LED lights and optic fibre cable. This removes the need for other poles and signs.

    Council has already deployed over 350 multi-function poles in eight locations. This includes 60 wirelessly connected street lights in the new Maroochydore City Centre. These lights brighten and dim when people walk past.   

  • Public waste bin sensors

    Public waste bin sensors

    Sensors measure waste levels and send alerts if a bin is full or still empty.  This helps council deliver more cost-effective waste management services.

    There are approximately 45 sensors which inform the deployment schedule for several areas in the region.

  • Pedestrian and cyclist counters

    Pedestrian and cyclist counters

    Monitor how many people use public areas, eg parks and walking trails, allowing council to better maintain and clean facilities.

  • Networked street lighting

    Networked street lighting

    Turned on/off automatically during twilight periods, reducing energy consumption, electricity costs and CO2 emissions

  • Digital touch screen kiosks

    Digital touch screen kiosks

    Provide interactive content to the public about events, wayfinding, local and community emergency information.

    There are four digital kiosks installed in the new Maroochydore city centre.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) gateway network

    Internet of Things (IoT) gateway network

    The IoT gateway is a wireless communications network. It enables sensors and devices to communicate at very low power over distances. These sensors send small amounts of data over a wide area and collect valuable information to help council to make better data driven decisions and deliver improved services to our community.​​​​​​​

    Council has 17 IoT gateways installed across the region. These gateways provide coverage to several locations, allowing sensors to be deployed more cost effectively.

  • Free public WiFi

    Free public WiFi

    Free public Wi-Fi is available to residents and visitors across the region.

    Locations include council's 8 libraries, Caloundra Art Gallery, Sunshine Coast Airport, Venue 114, 3 Surf Life Saving Clubs, 5 holiday caravan parks and 12 public areas (parks, beachfront areas/esplanades, and sporting facilities).

  • International broadband submarine cable

    International broadband submarine cable

    Council is the first local government in Australian to invest in an international submarine cable which connects to the new Maroochydore city centre. It also provides Queensland's first direct international data and telecommunications connection to global systems.

  • Automated waste collection system

    Automated waste collection system

    Australia's first underground automated waste collection system (AWCS) for a CBD is live in the new Maroochydore City Centre. Waste and recyclables from buildings and street bins will move by vacuum pressure at up to 70km/h through a 6.5km network of underground pipes to a collection station. The collected material will then be transferred to disposal or recycling facilities.

    The existing AWCS underground pipe network will be progressively extended into future stages as the city centre is developed.