Flexilink trial transport services
  • Last updated:
  • 13 Dec 2021

Flexilink trial services are pre-booked scheduled transport services that operate in areas with limited public transport.

Service details, timetables and route maps

Peachester to Beerwah schedule changes

In response to community feedback, the Peachester to Beerwah Flexilink Service timetable changed on 1 December 2021. The schedule changes include:

Monday to Friday morning service departs later

  • Departs Beerwah 7.40am, arriving Peachester at 8.00am
  • Departs Peachester at 8.00am (was 6.45am), arriving Beerwah at 8.20am

Saturday and Public Holiday morning service departs later

  • Departs Beerwah at 8.30am, arriving Peachester at 8.50am
  • Departs Peachester at 8.50am (was 8.30am), arriving Beerwah at 9.10am

Saturday and Public Holiday mid-day service departs earlier

  • Departs Beerwah at 11.50am (was 12.20pm), arriving Peachester at 12.10pm
  • Departs Peachester at 12.10pm (was 12.40pm), arriving Beerwah at 12.30pm
 Monday to Friday evening service departs earlier
  • Departs Beerwah at 5.30pm (was 5.45pm), arriving Peachester at 5.50pm
  • Departs Peachester at 5.50pm (was 6.05pm), arriving Beerwah at 6.10pm

Saturday and Public Holiday evening service departs earlier

  • Departs Beerwah at 5.30pm (was 6.30pm), arriving Peachester at 5.50pm (was 6.50pm)
  • Departs Peachester at 5.50pm (was 6.50pm), arriving at Beerwah at 6.10pm (was 7.10pm)
 Mid-day and evening service times are now the same Monday - Saturday. The early morning services are the only services that differ.

What are Flexilink trial services?

Flexilink services provide affordable, reliable and accessible public transport to people with fewer transport options. The services:

  • operate on a pre-booked basis
  • run three return trips per day, Monday to Saturday
  • in most cases, connect with existing public transport services for onward journeys
  • travel along a chosen route (people using the Flexilink service must meet the vehicle along this route)
  • use a taxi in place of a bus.

Flexilink services are funded by council's Transport Levy on a trial basis to determine the demand for bus services in areas with limited public transport. They are not proposed as a long-term or permanent public transport solution.

The services reduce the need for single passenger car use. More public transport options available on the Sunshine Coast mean less people need to use their cars. This helps council work towards a sustainable environment.

How to book

  • To book a Flexilink service phone 1300 511 163 and mention that you wish to book a Flexilink service.
  • You must book your seat two hours ahead of departure or by 9pm the previous evening for the first morning service.
  • If there are no bookings a vehicle will not be sent.
  • If you require a wheelchair accessible vehicle, advise the operator when you book.


  • Adult $2.00 per single trip. 
  • Child or concession $1.00 per single trip. 

The following transport cards are not valid on the Flexilink services:

  • School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS)
  • TransLink go cards.

To book a Flexilink service call 1300 511 163.

Discontinued Flexilink trial services

For information on discontinued Flexilink trial services visit Service improvements and trials.

Contact us

If you would like to provide feedback on the Flexilink trial services, please contact council.