Abandoned vehicles and goods

How to report or collect abandoned vehicles or goods, list of impounded vehicles and goods and when the next auction is on.

Council will investigate reports of abandoned vehicles and goods by making reasonable enquiries. Council may check:

  • the vehicle and goods condition
  • location of vehicles and goods
  • potential ownership
  • any registration.

Goods may include camping gear, tent, furniture or a vessel.

Council will try to find the vehicle or goods owner and have them remove it from council land. If we can't locate the owner, a notice will be placed on the vehicle or goods advising that it will be removed by a certain date. We may tow a vehicle immediately if it is a danger to public safety.

If an abandoned vehicle or goods are not removed by the date on the notice, council will impound the vehicle or good.

If the vehicle or goods are not claimed within one month of being impounded, we will advertise it for 14 days. It will then be disposed of by public auction. Council may dispose of vehicles or goods of no value (e.g. damaged, missing parts or not roadworthy) without going to auction.

Unregistered vehicles not stored on private property are considered abandoned.

Reporting an abandoned vehicle

If you spot an abandoned vehicle, you can email Customer Service. Please include:

  • vehicle description including colour, make, model and registration number (where possible)
  • specific location to help locate the vehicle.

Note: abandoned vehicles on main or State controlled roads are managed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Refer to the list of State controlled roads in the Sunshine Coast region (PDF, 188KB).

Collecting impounded vehicles or goods

Owners who would like to collect impounded vehicles or goods must:

  • do so within one month of impounding
  • complete the release of vehicle form (DOCX, 217KB) (as required under state government laws)
  • send proof of ownership and photo identification (drivers licence, 18+ card or passport) which has been verified by a Justice of the Peace via email. Or you can bring proof of ownership and photo identification to a council customer service centre.

On receipt of proof of ownership and photo identification council will contact you to pay the release fees and any other applicable charges. You will also need to provide release paperwork so that you can collect your vehicle or goods. This must be shown time of collection.

The vehicle must be removed immediately upon receipt of the release paperwork. Failure to collect the vehicle from the impound yard, may result in additional storage costs being charged by the towing company, in line with their terms and conditions or alternatively, they may dispose of or auction the vehicle.

Once council's impound and release fees have been paid, council does not have any further involvement in the matter.

Impounded vehicles list as at 24 November 2023

Date impoundedMake, model and colour Registration Location when impoundedReference number Auction date
15/11/2022BMW, Blue417BG712/2 Mantra Esplanade, BIRTINYAIV2201092
06/03/2023Motorised scooter, Black
Nelson Park, Katoa Street, ALEXANDRA HEADLANDIV230024811/11/2023
10/03/2023Mazda, Grey
33 Webster Road, NAMBOURIV230020311/11/2023
14/03/2023Boat, Silver/WhiteNSW Maritime on Hull2 Lamerough Parade, GOLDEN BEACHIV230013111/11/2023
15/03/2023Trailer, GreyDI24142 Kylee Crescent, MAROOCHYDOREIV230023311/11/2023
22/03/2023Toyota Camry, Silver378LAB120 King Street, BUDERIMIV230026511/11/2023
23/03/2023Ford Falcon, White546FIS2 Tinarra Close, MAROOCHY RIVERIV230027411/11/2023
28/03/2023Car - burnt out wreck
145 Clarkes Road, BEERWAHIV230035611/11/2023
29/03/2023Daewoo Kalos, Red678ZUL1 Greenhaven Drive, PALMVIEWIV230019711/11/2023
29/03/2023Toyota Corolla, Red
1/9 Depot Street, MAROOCHYDOREIV230030011/11/2023
30/03/2023Boat, Blue/SilverRU872QApex park Esplanade, GOLDEN BEACHIV230025811/11/2023
02/04/2023Honda Accord, Red352FD342 Oceanic Drive, WARANAIV230032011/11/2023
04/04/2023Isuzu, White
Woodlands Bvd, MERIDAN PLAINSIV2300288
05/04/2023Ford Ranger, Black054XXP1 Kamala Place, MERIDAN PLAINSIV2300324
08/04/2023Mitsubishi Lancer, Silver558AA4235 Main Road, MAROOCHYDORE IV230040211/11/2023
11/04/2023Holden, White451ZSB1 Grenada Way, PARREARRAIV230034511/11/2023
17/04/2023Toyota Hilux, White375EA235 Grebe Crescent, BLI BLIIV230032911/11/2023
24/04/2023Mercedes, Black905DS428 Mimosa Crescent, CURRIMUNDI IV2300427
02/05/2023Holden Commodore, Blue
7 Murdoch Court, SIPPY DOWNSIV230043911/11/2023
03/05/2023Boat, Silver
6 Charlston Place, KULUINIV2300340
03/05/2023Holden Berlina, Blue/Grey
164 Burnett Street, BUDERIMIV2300500
03/05/2023Car - burnt out wreck
Old Landsborough Road, LANDSBOROUGHIV230052011/11/2023
03/05/2023Moped, Black588OD10-20 Iliad Avenue, BUDERIMIV230042411/11/2023
05/05/2023Ford Falcon, White690ZZN6 Placid Place, BUDERIMIV230044711/11/2023
09/05/2023Mazda 3, Black983VXB1/93 Parker Street, MAROOCHYDOREIV230043811/11/2023
10/05/2023Nissan, White387RZW66-68 Broadwater Avenue, MAROOCHYDOREIV230046311/11/2023
11/05/2023Subaru Forrester, White776GLA1 O'Connor Street, MAROOCHYDOREIV230048511/11/2023
16/05/2023Toyota Camry, Silver914ZPA18 Sapphire Drive, NAMBOURIV230037711/11/2023
17/05/2023Hyundai Getz, Black632EO39 Production Avenue, WARANAIV230055311/11/2023
22/05/2023Alfa Romeo, White
70 Buderim Pines Drive, BUDERIMIV230051311/11/2023
23/05/2023Mitsubishi Triton, White/Rust
171 Pierce Avenue, CORBOULD PARK IV230058611/11/2023
23/05/2023Kia Carnivale, Blue
14 Newspaper Place, MAROOCHYDORE IV230050211/11/2023
29/05/2023Toyota Yaris, White929XKF1 Fleming Street,  YANDINA IV230053111/11/2023
30/05/2023Suzuki Swift, Blue
22 Allora Drive, MAROOCHYDORE IV230050611/11/2023
31/05/2023Nissan Navara, Grey
20-22 Avian Street, KUNDA PARK IV2300573
01/06/2023Ford Territory, Black317ZXR (not on vehicle)2 Gayandi Street, WURTULLA  IV230054611/11/2023
01/06/2023Trailer, no specific make, aluminium
83 Point Cartwright Drive, BUDDINA IV230057011/11/2023
01/06/2023Holden Cruze, Red
Peacock Park, 14 Peacock Cresent, BOKARINAIV230057211/11/2023
06/06/2023Unknown Make, Burnt Out
Glass House Mountains Park, Bruce Parade, GLASS HOUSE MOUNTAINS  IV230065011/11/2023
06/06/2023Peugeot, Black
Sunseeker Caravan Park, 96 Caloundra Road, LITTLE MOUNTAIN IV230059911/11/2023
07/06/2023Kia Rio, Silver846ZPA87-89 Duporth Avenue, MAROOCHYDORE IV230053511/11/2023
09/06/2023Nissan Navara, Silver308ZTI26 Birch Street, CALOUNDRA WEST IV230061411/11/2023
14/06/2023Nissan unknown, WhiteXQ76VHPacific Horizons III, 12/10-12 Maroubra Street,  MAROOCHYDORE  IV2300637
14/06/2023Trailer - no specific make243QYR130 Currie Street, NAMBOURIV230061611/11/2023
21/06/2023Trailer - no specific make, Grey
Keith Hill Park, Esplanade GOLDEN BEACH IV230063811/11/2023
21/06/2023Ford Fairmont, Silver1HL1EY1 Beachside Court, SHELLY BEACH IV230064811/11/2023
23/06/2023Ford Ranger, Silver032DS6221 Pierce Avenue, CORBOULD PARK IV2300639
29/06/2023Toyota Camry, Blue957VZA 9 Parkwood Place, PALMWOODS IV230066611/11/2023
29/06/2023Holden Commodore, Blue912BH4162-168 Blackall Range Road, WEST WOOMBYE IV230064611/11/2023
10/07/2023Hyundai Getz, Red270SUD54 Traline Road, GLASS HOUSE MOUNTAINSIV2300720
10/07/2023Kia Cerato, White778XYN21 Namba Street, PACIFIC PARADISE IV2300705
10/07/2023Mercedes 240, Gold280ZUF99 Carter Road, NAMBOUR IV2300699
10/07/2023Hyundai Accent, White910YTW8 Headland Drive, BIRTINYA IV230070111/11/2023
11/07/2023Holden Barina, Silver015KXJ 3 Cook Street, GOLDEN BEACH IV230072311/11/2023
26/07/2023Moped, Blue796WP2, Eagle Place, BUDERIM  IV230080811/11/2023
31/07/2023Honda Accord, Silver166YVG18-34 Maroochy Boulevard, MAROOCHYDORE IV230077511/11/2023
04/08/2023Trailer, no specific make, whiteCD2187Ascent Sunshine Coast, 13/19 Ellis Way, MERIDAN PLAINS IV2300792
10/08/2023BMW, BlackIJS4YKJarviss Court, 14 Kayleigh Drive, BUDERIM IV230081811/11/2023
11/08/2023Subaru Impreza, White
17 Frogmouth Circuit, MOUNTAIN CREEK  IV230081411/11/2023
11/08/2023Honda Accord, White772JFO34 Savannah Esplanade, MAROOCHYDOREIV230081111/11/2023
28/08/2023Toyota, Corolla, White975ZYS9 Gloria Street, MAROOCHYDORE IV230087011/11/2023
29/08/2023Volkswagen, Silver710BX7Merimbula, 22 Pangarinda Place, MOOLOOLABA IV230089711/11/2023
31/08/2023Holden Astra, Silver605HML8 Dandenong Street, BURNSIDE IV2300883
05/09/2023Dodge, Silver522DI613 Andrew Street, POINT ARKWRIGHT IV230091311/11/2023
07/09/2023Holden Astra, WhiteBGY66F32 Wises Road, BUDERIMIV2300988
09/11/2023Peugeot, Grey787MBB2/2 Bauer Street, PALMVIEWIV2300985
11/09/2023Hyundai Getz, Silver578HL25 Sherry Groom Court, BUDERIMIV230093811/11/2023
12/09/2023Mazda, Silver
229 University Way, SIPPY DOWNSIV230094911/11/2023
12/09/2023Hyundai Terracan, Green/Grey037FT92 Mannikin Road, TANAWHAIV230094411/11/2023
22/09/2023Toyota, Silver395BC9290 Main Road, KULUIN IV230099911/11/2023
22/09/2023Mazda, Grey
25 Edison Cresent, BARINGA IV230100211/11/2023
27/09/2023Holden, Rodeo, Gold154RSE11 Greenview Avenue, BEERWAH IV230087811/11/2023
04/10/2023Toyota Camry, Silver744TVU13 Park Road, NAMBOURIV2301014
05/10/2023Volkswagen, Black481HF72–68 Pathara Road, NORTH ARMIV2301115
06/10/2023Hyundai Accent, Black405ZZE9/5–9 Wharf Street, MAROOCHYDOREIV2301035
10/10/2023Ford Festiva, Red939TQM10–12 Claude Boyd Parade, CORBOULD PARKIV2301058
13/10/2023Toyota, Blue
12 Treetop Court, MOOLOOLAH VALLEY IV2301086
17/10/2023Subaru, Forrester, White395BG639 Mary Street, NAMBOUR IV2301083
19/10/2023Hyundai, Green890XIVWaterhouse, 30 Technology Drive, WARANA IV2301102
19/10/2023Trailer - no specific make, White
2 Lamerough Parade, GOLDEN BEACH IV2301121
29/10/2023Hyundai, Accent, Grey791 GJF19 Kylee Cresent, MAROOCHYDORE IV2301127
30/10/2023Ford, Falcon, Maroon376GH9The Ivy Picnic Point, 29/26 Picnic Point Esplande MAROOCHYDORE IV2301074
01/11/2023Mitsubishi, Pajero, Silver715LCRLangley Park, 21/12 Parker Street, MAROOCHYDOREIV2301088
03/11/2023Holden, Captiva, BlackDFV32PPeregian Substation, 34 Doonan Bridge Road East, DOONAN IV2301169
6/11/2023Toyota, White
6 Advance Road, KULUINIV2301134
7/11/2023Ford, Territory, Black
2/22 Myla Road, LANDSBOROUGH IV2301193
8/11/2023Mazda, Black
2 Allora Drive, MAROOCHYDORE IV2301177
9/11/2023Holden Commodore, Grey
12 Depot Street, MAROOCHYDOREIV2301185
14/11/2023Ford, Territory, Silver728AT9Muller Park, 319-323 David Low Way, BLI BLI IV2301227
21/11/2023Kia, Silver110MRT80 Creekwood Avenue, MERIDAN PLAINSIV2301248
21/11/2023Nissan Patrol, Blue/Silver721YHS36 Arundell Avenue, NAMBOURIV2301261
22/11/2023Trailer and boat, WhiteGC01Q2 Trinidad Street, PARREARRAIV2301286
23/11/2023Ssangyong, Black764ZXF4 Tarra-Bulga Court, BUDERIMIV2301235

Impounded goods list as at 5 July 2023

Date impoundedItem descriptionAddress impoundedReference number
28/06/2022A Frame & Wooden signUniversity Way, SIPPY DOWNSIMP22/00040
28/09/2022Bundle of steel rods
28/09/2022Steel tinnieEsplanade Golden Beach Keith Hill Park
01/12/2022 Round trampoline14 Peacock Crescent, BOKARINAIMP22/0059

Abandoned vehicle auctions

Sunshine Coast Council abandoned vehicles auctions are run on a regular basis for all abandoned vehicles and unclaimed impounded items.

The last auction was Saturday 11 November 2023

Terms and conditions

  • Full payment is required on the day of the auction (EFTPOS accepted).
  • Items are sold 'as is'.
  • Council reserves the right to withdraw any vehicle advertised before the auction.