Arts Advisory Board
  • Last updated:
  • 29 Aug 2020

The Board is now in its second term of operation. Its first anniversary (two year term - the Board held its inaugural meeting in August 2016) culminated in the completion of two major pieces of work:

  • the region’s first strategic arts plan[3362KB] with a 20-year vision, identified by Sunshine Coast Council as a region making plan (endorsed by Council in August 2018)
  • the Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation framework which, has led to the establishment of the first regional arts Foundation (underway)

Role of the board

The Board’s role[248KB] is to provide strategic advice to council in relation to collaborative opportunities to support and grow  government and regional investment in the arts, including arts and cultural infrastructure.

The board’s role is to:

  • guide, promote and help build the identity of the Sunshine Coast as an arts destination for tourism and industry
  • advocate the region’s advantages to secure new investment in arts and cultural infrastructure
  • provide strategic advice to council in relation to arts and cultural facilities and infrastructure
  • provide advice on strategic direction of wider cultural policy and strategy
  • provide opportunities to develop philanthropic activity in relation to the regional arts offer.

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Read the Annual Reports for the Sunshine Coast Arts Advisory Board:

Sunshine Coast Arts Advisory Board_Annual Report 16/17[1566KB]

Sunshine Coast Arts Advisory Board Annual Report 17/18[1566KB]

Sunshine Coast Arts Advisory Board Annual Report 18/19

Board members

The members of the board have a diverse range of skills, expertise and creative insight in strategic planning and the development of cultural policy. The first priority for the board is to develop a framework for the development of a strategic, 20 year Regional Arts and Cultural Plan including a vision for the region’s cultural future.

  • Mayor Mark Jamieson

    Prior to his election as Mayor in 2012, Mayor Mark Jamieson had an extensive career in chief executive and senior leadership roles in the private sector. He had both strategic and operational responsibilities for customer satisfaction, staff development, business performance and shareholder growth. He has a proven track record of successful business expansion and a demonstrated capacity to grow and develop himself and those around him.

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  • Collette Brennan

    Collette Brennan has more than 20 years’ experience in arts leadership and management and extensive knowledge of arts based practices, issues and opportunities both locally, nationally and internationally. She is the CEO of the Abbotsford Convent, Australia’s largest multi-arts precinct.

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  • Councillor Rick Baberowski

    Councillor Rick Baberowski was elected to the Sunshine Coast Council in 2012, 2016 and 2020 after winning the seat of Division 1.  In the 2020 term, Councillor Baberowski holds the Community Portfolio – Arts, Heritage, Transport as well as the honour of the Deputy Mayor position.  Councillor Baberowski has an extensive background in arts and cultural planning and leadership.

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  • Jennifer Radbourne

    Emeritus Professor Jennifer Radbourne has extensive experience in performing arts and academia.

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  • Tracey Vieira

    Tracey joined Hoodlum Entertainment, a film and television production company as Chief Content Officer in 2019, after 5 years as CEO of Screen Queensland.  Under her leadership of the screen agency, Tracey developed new creative talent, strong partnerships and created global opportunities for Australian creatives.

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  • Nicole Voevodin-Cash

    Local artist Nicole Voevodin-Cash has more than 25 years' + experience as a practicing artist, sculptor and designer. Nicole's underpinning thesis is 'interaction' as a sculptural strategy with an emphasis on socially engaged and enlivened spaces/places.

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  • Amy Clarke

    Amy is a local visual artist (painter) and has been practising for over 20 years. She has exhibited around the country in solo and group shows including Michael Reid Studio Direct and Depot Gallery in Sydney, Noosa Regional Gallery, University of Sunshine Coast Art Gallery, Toowoomba Regional Gallery and Walcha Gallery of Art.

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  • Sue Davis

    Associate Professor Davis is the current President for the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance. She has been actively involved in the regional arts scene on the Sunshine Coast as a foundation member of the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance (beginning with the Noosa Creative Catalyst program), Pecha Kucha Coordinator and lead for the engagement program for developing the Sunshine Coast Arts Plan. She has a background in drama education/youth arts/scriptwriter and has extensive experience in education, research, project management and cultural development.

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