Sunshine Coast Creative Arts Plan 2023-2038

A region alive with arts, culture and creativity.

Sunshine Coast Creative Arts Plan 2023-2038

Council’s vision is to be a region that is healthy, smart and creative. This vision acknowledges that creativity broadens our perspective, helps us to explore ideas, find solutions and build resilience.

In 2018, council endorsed the region’s first ever arts plan. This set out goals, strategies and actions to grow and strengthen the local arts sector. 

Five years on, our revised Sunshine Coast Creative Arts Plan 2023-2038 reflects the growth and maturation of the arts sector since the start of the original plan. It also acknowledges the unique opportunities presented in our immediate future. It also provides a clear framework of goals and commitments that will drive our progress.

The plan articulates council’s pivotal role in developing and supporting an environment in which the creative arts can flourish. While council leads the delivery of the Plan, it is owned by everyone committed to achieving its vision. It is reliant on collaboration between council, all levels of government, the arts sector, the community, and investors.


The Sunshine Coast is alive with arts, culture and creativity.

Goals and focus areas

The plan sets out five high-level goals and a set of focus areas with actions to meet these goals.

1. Empower First Nations

First Nations creativity and contemporary cultural expression is celebrated, emboldened and self-determined.

2. Build capacity

The region's creatives, artists and sector are professional, skilled and connected.

3. Strengthen engagement

Arts audiences grow through genuine participation and a diverse range of meaningful and tailored experiences.

4. Boost infrastructure

Dynamic places and innovative approaches enable artists and audiences to connect, create and share.

5. Cultivate identity

Our reputation as a creative region attracts attention, talent and investment.

Download a copy of the Sunshine Coast Arts Plan 2023-2038 (PDF, 2.65MB).

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