• Last updated:
  • 12 Oct 2018

Council's previous application tracking system, PD Online, was introduced over ten years ago. At the time it represented a marked improvement in transparency and community participation in the development assessment process.

Since this time little had changed with the system and council was conscious that it no longer met the needs and expectations of the community and industry.

Development.i is aimed at providing a more accessible way for the community to be informed of and explore development applications in the Sunshine Coast local government area. It will allow users on any device to navigate, visualise, track and be alerted to applications in addition to features provided by the previous system.

Development.i has been developed by Sunshine Coast Council, with the assistance of the Queensland Government Planning Act 2016 Innovation and Improvement Fund. It is the first free public application of its kind in Queensland, and among one of the first in Australia.

Yes. All information previously available on PD Online, is now available in Development.i in a much easier to use and accessible system.

Development.i provides you with access to past and current application details and basic property information for the Sunshine Coast local government area. For more information, refer to what information is available.

With Development.i, you can easily find the information you are interested in.

For our community, it's useful if you:

  • want to keep track of an application as it progresses through the assessment stages
  • have seen a:
    • block of land sold or a new development started and want to know what's planned, or
    • sign advertising a proposed development and want to find out more
  • are interested in an application you've seen in the media and want to find out more, or
  • want to find out:
    • basic property information like land area and lot plan details, or
    • what the future holds for your community.

For your business, it's useful if you want:

  • a quick overview of applications or approvals in an area or take the time to dive deeper
  • to visualise only selected types of development types on a map, or
  • to get alerts on areas, properties or changes to specific applications of interest to save time and more easily meet your client's needs.

As a member of the community, there are many ways to be involved in the Queensland planning system including:

Visit the State government planning website for more information, including:

Council oversees development in the Sunshine Coast local government area in accordance with the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014. Under the scheme, applicants may need approval for certain developments under the provisions of the Planning Act 2016.

For more information, refer to development application process and/or plumbing and building approvals.

Development.i does not replace council's official property searches. If you are undertaking conveyancing, development or building certification, it is recommended that council property searches are sought. These may include, but not limited to:

  • building information searches
  • planning and development certificates, and
  • flood information searches.

Development.i and the Development.i Site Report provide an indication (only) of development related information applying to a particular site and surrounding areas.

No. Development.i and the Development.i Site Report do not contain property ownership information.

No. Development.i only covers properties within the Sunshine Coast local government area. Other council's in South East Queensland have their own application tracking systems.