Sunshine Coast Ecological Park
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Dec 2022

"A place of cherished nature and ecological wonder for generations to discover and enjoy"

Sunshine Coast Council has commenced the next phase of planning for an ecological park located on 65 hectares of land adjoining the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve.

The project provides an opportunity to create a unique ecological park, inspired by the beautiful natural environment and expand accessible green space on the Sunshine Coast.

Developing a new ecological park that services the entire region enhances the conservation and recreation credentials for the Sunshine Coast community and for visitors to enjoy.

Vision and values

The vision for the park is to create a place of cherished nature and ecological wonder for generations to discover and enjoy. 

The vision for the park is underpinned by six core values: 

  1. An ecologically valuable, resilient and connected landscape.
  2. A place that welcomes people to learn, play and contribute to the future.
  3. A place inspired by nature.
  4. An immersive experience that promotes balance, respite and revival.
  5. A place of expected and spontaneous discovery.
  6. A place that shares the stories of people, culture and the natural history of the region. 

Project overview 

Following council’s acquisition of land between 2016 and 2018, a detailed site investigation and feasibility assessment were completed in 2021 to ensure the concept of an ecological park on this land was achievable.

The next phase of the project is to develop a master plan and strategic business case to guide future detailed design and construction over the next five to 10 years.

The master plan is being prepared with the input of the community to ensure the project delivers the desired mix of park activities, education and ecological restoration. It is anticipated that the master plan will be completed in 2023.


Input from the Sunshine Coast community will inform the planning for the new park. There will be three engagement stages throughout the planning process.

Stage 1: The information sharing and gathering stage (Stage 1) was completed in May 2022 and received a strong response, with more than 500 people participating in a range of engagement activities across the Sunshine Coast.

This engagement tested the vision and values for the project. Stage 1 feedback is intended to inform key strategies to guide the design of the ecological park and based around three themes being: 

  1. Recreation and wellness
  2. Ecology and restoration
  3. Research, education and culture.

Learn more about the Stage 1 findings.[156KB]

Stage 2: Sharing, testing and seeking feedback on the ideas and preliminary activities with the community and stakeholders was completed in September 2022. 

Learn more about the Stage 2 findings[262KB].

Stage 3: Presenting the draft master plan for public comment. This is likely to occur in early 2023. 

Master planning Stages

 Excellence Advisory Panel Members

In addition to the public consultation, an Excellence Advisory Panel and Community Reference Group have been established to help inform the development of the master plan.
Spencer Shaw John Wright
John Mainwaring Ella Woodborne
Angela Wright Alan Hoban
 BJ Murphy   Cathryn Chatburn

 Community Reference Group Members

 Rosa Lohrisch  Lindsey Bowles
Charne Turner Desmond Crane
Natalie Frost Rick Vickers
Jillanne Leach Peter Stevens
Darren Gilson Tamara Kowitz

More information

For more information on the ecological park, please email