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Smart City projects

Council is delivering a range of smart projects across the Sunshine Coast.

Automated irrigation system

Council's automatic irrigation systems contain sensors that track rainfall and use weather forecast to suspend irrigation. Flow meters identify problems and leaks early to help save unintended waste of water.

There are 32 sites operating the smart irrigation system including the entrance to the new Maroochydore City Centre, Happy Valley, Felicity Park in Caloundra and Palmwoods Picabeen Green. Around 70 sites are likely to have automated irrigation systems installed over the next 10 years.

Maroochy Wetlands

Sensors capture environmental data relating to water quality, air temperature, humidity, and wildlife activity to provide valuable insights into the site’s ecological health.

Start date: July 2023

Mary Cairncross

This monitoring project captures people movement to enable efficient visitor management.

It also collects environment data such as temperature, weather conditions, and soil moisture.  

Start date: July 2023

Woombye pilot sensor program

pilot program in Woombye is using sensors to collect data about people movement, water use and ambient temperature.

This will help council plan better facilities and services for the community using data driven decision making.